Balance® 101 — get answers

For more information about Balance®, visit the frequently asked questions page, call your Alberta Blue Cross® representative or talk to your plan advisor.

What is Balance®?

Balance® is a wellness program that rewards employees for taking control of their health.

By using Balance® to keep track of the small steps they take to achieve a healthier lifestyle, your employees earn points that they can redeem for a chance to win healthy rewards.

Why is Alberta Blue Cross® offering Balance®?

Balance® has one goal: to help employees lead healthier lives.

Good health is essential to living a full and productive life—Alberta Blue Cross® wants to be your employees' partner in helping them achieve their wellness goals.

Healthy employees. Healthy workplace.

For your employees

Balance® offers your employees a variety of interactive online health resources. They can complete a confidential health risk assessment, which generates a personalized action plan.

Targeted education modules, tools to track healthy behaviours and reminders to take medications, eat fruits and vegetables are a few of the great resources available through Balance®.

Every tool inside Balance® is an opportunity for your employees to earn points, which they can redeem for a chance to win prizes like gift cards, Fitbits, weekend escape packages and more.

For your business

In partnership with Excellence Canada, Balance® is proud to offer the Healthy Workplace Essentials Challenge. This program aims to help you improve the overall health of your organization. When you put this program to work in your organization, you get access to leading-edge practices that drive improved workplace health.

The Healthy Workplace Essentials Challenge offers you a turn-key, step-by-step guide that awards your employees with bonus Balance® points as you complete each step. Earn a certificate upon completing the program to show your commitment to workplace health.

The Healthy Workplace Essentials Challenge was developed by Excellence Canada, the nation’s authority on quality and healthy workplace practices.

Small steps, big rewards

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is hard work for many people. To reward themselves for their hard work, a number of prizes are available to be won in the My Rewards store where points can be redeemed towards chances to win great rewards.

No hassle benefit

When a plan includes Balance®, all employees automatically have access including their dependants 16 years of age and older. To help promote Balance® to your employees, you have access to an employee engagement toolkit and other resources through the plan administrator web site.

Please note that plan administrators must register for online services to access the toolkit and the Healthy Workplace Essentials Challenge.

Whether you are a small business owner or are a human resources manager in a large organization, Balance® has something for everyone.

Your employees can use Balance® at their own pace; whether they are starting their journey towards a healthier lifestyle or maintaining what they have, Balance® has the tools they need to reach their goals.

The best part is they can earn points to redeem for chances to win great prizes.