Balance® employee invitation email

Copy and paste this template into your email program to let your employees know about Balance® and to encourage them to sign in. Feel free to personalize this message as we developed this template to get you started.

SUBJECT: Sign into Balance® today and start earning points

Balance® can help you live a healthier life and reward you for doing so

Looking after your health isn’t always easy. That’s where Balance® comes in. Balance® has expert-recommended tools to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And the best part? It will reward you for every healthy step you take.

Learn, track and earn

*Balance® is 100 per cent confidential. Any information provided within the site is anonymized, and individually-identifying information cannot be viewed by plan sponsors or anyone else. It may be used in aggregate form to identify the health of an organization and areas for improvement.

Balance® is serious about rewards

Living healthy is no small task. Use your points to enter to win gift cards to your favourite stores, Fitbits, GoPro cameras, weekend getaways and more.

Getting started is easy

Sign into Balance® via the Alberta Blue Cross® member web site.

You and your dependants 16 years of age and older are eligible to use Balance®. Questions? Contact our Customer Services team at 1-800-661-6995.