Alberta Blue Cross

Part 1: Overview

Part 1 contains the account details for your spending account. It displays any outstanding balances, provides details pertaining to new charges, lists any spending account forfeitures (if applicable) and shows the total amount due for the current coverage period. The information in part 1 is created from the enrollment data we have as of the statement date.

hsa overview
  • 1 The account number is used to categorize the grouping of sections that appears in your statement if account
  • 2 Balance carried forward from previous statement of account
  • 3 Transfers to/from your account for the current coverage period
  • 4 The charge for your spending accounts for the current coverage period
  • 5 The sum of your charges and any transfers to/from your account for the current coverage period
  • 6 Perforated portion of part 1 to be returned with payment
  • 7 Total amount due (includes balances carried forward, balance transfers and all charges for the current coverage period)