Alberta Blue Cross

Section 2: Adjustments to your Statement of Account

Section 2 lists any adjustments to your account from the last billing period.

It identifies the employee’s whose coverage is being adjusted and what amounts are applicable to the current and prior billing periods.

The current amount due reflects the basic rate due for the current billing period and any billing adjustments. Adding any outstanding balances to this current amount due results in the total amount due for the billing period.

health and dental
  • 1 Decreases and/ or increases are employee changes processed since your last billing period
  • 2 Credits and/or arrears applicable to current billing periods
  • 3 Basic rate due for the prior billing period
  • 4 Effective date of employee changes
  • 5 This amount reflects the new Basic Rate Due including all billing adjustments since the last billing period
  • 6 Adjustment amounts used to calculate the current amount due
  • 7 Amount outstanding from prior billing periods (if applicable)