Alberta Blue Cross

Part 4: Current members

Part 4 displays details pertaining to the charges for each member in your group benefits plan. It lists the current rate for each member, and breaks it down by their rates for each type of benefit, so you have an understanding of how your current charges were calculated. This part also displays the volume of coverage each member has under each life/disability benefit type.

hld current members
  • 1 Current rate for each member – which is the charge due for each member for the coverage period
  • 2 The member’s rate for each type of benefit
  • 3 Benefit status (for example, single, family) for each benefit type
  • 4 Volume (amount) of coverage for each type of benefit
  • 5 Total charge of all current rates. This amount is added to the total adjustments to produce your total new charges (in part 2)