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We reached out to our customers to find out how our travel coverage benefited them. All testimonials are anonymous to ensure our customers' privacy.

Testimonial 1

  • Location: Florida, California
  • Hospital stay: 10 days
  • Total covered: $67,000 US
    • $634 ambulance service
    • $6,462 physician services
    • $59,680 hospital charge

On the fourth day of our stay in Florida, our son started feeling pain in his stomach. We rushed him to a hospital and learned he had appendicitis. He was hospitalized for 10 days because he developed a fever. As a result, we had to stay in Florida longer than we originally planned but our coverage was automatically extended because of the hospitalization.

Not only did it cover hospital fees but it also covered our meals and accommodations for the days that went beyond our holiday stay. Buying travel insurance was one of the best decisions we have ever made. One call to Alberta Blue Cross was all that was needed. Thanks to their coverage, our family wasn’t thousands of dollars in debt and we able to give our son the care he needed.

Testimonial 2

  • Location: Hawaii
  • Hospital stay: 10 days
  • Total covered: $47,000 CA

When I agreed to accompany my two sisters to Hawaii in January, I wasn’t expecting to fall off a sea wall and break my hip on the third day. Thankfully, Alberta Blue Cross covered everything—including an emergency airlift, hip surgery, my hospital stay and my delayed flight home to Edmonton.

Until you’ve experienced it, you don’t know how much it costs and how much you need coverage outside of Alberta. They charge you separately for everything in Hawaii – even for the bedpan.

Testimonial 3

  • Location: Texas
  • Total covered: $74,000

My daughter was in Texas on holidays with a friend. Coming back from the beach, their truck was hit with such force that it rolled— leaving my daughter with severe injuries. Even as a veteran nurse, I wasn’t prepared to deal effectively with the complexities of the American health care system. Luckily, Alberta Blue Cross was there to handle every detail. Thank God for Alberta Blue Cross, I can’t imagine where we’d be now without it.

Testimonial 4

  • Location: Florida
  • Total covered: $462,647

I was admitted to hospital in Florida with chest pain and fatigue. I was originally diagnosed with pneumonia and then severe acute cardiac and pulmonary pathology. I underwent a heart catheterization and was not stable to return home due to a lung infection. I underwent the surgery and was repatriated home safely by air transport with medical escort and oxygen.

Testimonial 5

  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Hospital stay: three hours
  • Total covered: $3616.49

My four year old daughter had a small accident while she was visiting her grandparent’s house in Dallas, Texas. She received a few stitches to her left ankle. Our whole experience, from taking her to the ER to closing the claim was very positive.

I was in Edmonton at the time and called the travel assistance access line. I got through to an agent in a very timely fashion and was on the phone for a while as we went through the details of the injury. As I was wrapping up, my daughter was discharged. I hadn’t even been issued a claim number and my daughter was on her way home. I was pleasantly surprised. When my wife asked the hospital about payment they assured her it would be taken care of based on the information they obtained from our travel card.

For a patient and their family in distress, to have the peace of mind that their medical needs will be met and they will not have to worry about finances is invaluable peace of mind one deserves to have when travelling. The overall process seemed seamless and our experience was very positive.