Drug Benefit List

Table of Contents

Section 1-Policies and Guidelines PDF
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Introduction PDF
Additional Notes Regarding Application of the List
Example of Drug Product Listings
Drug Review Procedure

Alberta Health Expert Committee on Drug Evaluation and Therapeutics

Submission and Drug Review Process PDF
Submission Requirements and Criteria
Interpretation Notices
Submission Requirements
Criteria for Listing Drug Products
Interchangeable Drug Products
Review of Benefit Status (ROBS) Criteria
Supply Shortage Policy for Drug Products
Policy for Administering Interchangeability Challenges
Your Comments are Important to Us

Units of Issue for Pricing PDF

Price Policy PDF- Amended February 13, 2019

Restricted Benefits PDF
Restricted Benefits
Products Designated as Restricted Benefits
Limited Restricted Benefits
Products Designated as Limited Restricted Benefits

Special Authorization Guidelines PDF
Special Authorization Policy
Special Authorization Procedures
Special Authorization Forms
Prescriber Registration Forms

Special Authorization Forms

Section 3- Criteria for Special Authorization of Select Drug Products PDF

Section 3A- Criteria for Optional Special Authorization of Select Drug Products PDF

Section 4- Rare Diseases Drug Coverage Program PDF

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Listing of Benefits by Pharmacologic-Therapeutic Classification (PTC) of Drugs PDF
(excluding Special Authorization Products PDF)

Listing by separate PTC:
00:00 Non-Classified Drugs PDF
04:00 Antihistamine Drugs PDF
08:00 Anti-Infective Agents PDF
10:00 Antineoplastic Agents PDF
12:00 Autonomic Drugs PDF
20:00 Blood Formulation, Coagulation and Thrombosis PDF
24:00 Cardiovascular Drugs PDF
28:00 Central Nervous System Agents PDF
34:00 Dental Agents PDF
36:00 Diagnostic Agents PDF
40:00 Electrolytic, Caloric and Water Balance PDF
48:00 Respiratory Tract Agents PDF
52:00 Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat (EENT) Preparations PDF
56:00 Gastrointestinal Drugs PDF
60:00 Gold Compounds PDF
64:00 Heavy Metal Antagonists PDF
68:00 Hormones and Synthetic Substitutes PDF
80:00 Serums, Toxoids, and Vaccines PDF
84:00 Skin and Mucous Membrane Agents PDF
86:00 Smooth Muscle Relaxants PDF
88:00 Vitamins PDF
92:00 Miscellaneous Therapeutic Agents PDF
94:00 Devices PDF

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Appendix 1 Abbreviations PDF
Appendix 2 Manufacturers PDF

TIP: For a quick search use the following lists. They contain the names and DIN numbers of all products included, either regular benefits, special authorization or restricted benefits, in the latest edition of the DBL.
Index 1 Alphabetical List of Products PDF (use this to confirm spelling of product and location of the listing, if an eligible benefit)
Index 2 Numerical List of Products PDF (by Drug Identification Number (DIN))


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