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Interactive Drug Benefit Lists Search Tips

Check the following questions to help you search the Interactive Drug Benefit Lists.

Search the Drug Benefit Lists

An underline indicates that the text is a link. Clicking on such text will provide you with additional data. The highlighted "Details" button will link you to the product's detail page containing more product reference information.

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  • Manufacturer - If you click on a Manufacturer code, you will be provided with a pop up page that outlines the manufacturer full name and contact information.
  • Interchangeable Products - If you click on "YES" you will be provided with a listing of all interchangeable drugs in that grouping with additional information.
  • Details - If you click on a highlighted "DETAILS" button, you will be linked to another page that contains a variety of useful information about the drug such as PTC, list date, pricing, ATC, provincial drug schedule, review status and past decision history, coverage criteria, special authorization forms where applicable and more.

Once you perform a search and click into "Details", there will be a link on the bottom left corner of your page called "Glossary". Just click on the link and you will be provided with a listing and definitions for many terms contained on the site

Once you perform a search, you can find interchangeable products in the table. If the drug you are interested in has a highlighted "YES" under the "Interchangeable Products" column, than there are interchangeable products for that DIN. If the column says "NO" your product does not have interchangeable products listed.

screenshot of interchangeable products being highlight on search results page

Click on the "YES" and you will be provided with a listing of interchangeable products and quoted prices for the interchangeable grouping, along with the LCA or MAC price if one applies.

screenshot of interchangeable products popup

When you begin typing your query our auto complete options will generate for you. Expand the "Advanced Search" for additional options such as PTC or Manufacturer.

If you are still unable to find the refine your results try the "Search in Table" feature under the search bar with additional key words. The Search In Table will search within the entire query.

For example after searching warfarin below we can add a specific strength to refine our results.

screenshot of search in table highlighted

If you are unsure whether a particular product is covered as an eligible benefit for a specific group, you can easily find out by using the "DETAILS" button of your product. This page will provide you with a great deal of information, including all of the government-sponsored programs for which the drug applies as an eligible benefit.

screenshot of applies to clients of: field

Yes. In the main search page you can find PTC under Advanced Search by expanding the option. The list can be sorted by clicking on the Code or Description headers.

screenshot of ptc search highlighted

In the "DETAILS" product information page all defining PTCs will appear and a link to products within the PTC can be accessed.

screenshot of the idbl where the ptc category is highlighted in the details pane

If you have refined your search and are still receiving the message above, it is likely that the product you are inquiring about has never been reviewed for addition to the Alberta government-sponsored drug programs. Drugs that have been reviewed but not added to the government-sponsored programs will have a Coverage Status that indicates the product is "Not a Benefit.

screenshot of lca price highlighted on the idbl search results page.

The Least Cost Alternative (LCA) price is the lowest unit cost established for a drug product within a set of interchangeable drug products. When the LCA Price appears as 0.000 this means that LCA pricing is not being applied to the grouping.


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