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Important information about COVID-19

Including information on travel restrictions, virtual care and prescription drugs.

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The Alberta Blue Cross advantage

Latest technology

Fast, effective and in the lead

Alberta Blue Cross uses the latest technology to help serve you better. The following are just a few examples of how we’re doing this:

High-speed claim adjudication

Our state-of-the-art claim adjudication system allows Alberta Blue Cross to have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. That means your claims get paid sooner, with less hassle.

PRIDE RT® - Instant drug claim adjudication

Our online PRIDE RT system for direct bill claims has revolutionized drug claims adjudication. Virtually all Alberta pharmacies now use PRIDE RT. The pharmacist learns instantly about your coverage, any restrictions, deductibles or maximums. If you're part of a direct bill plan, adjudication takes only a few seconds. Our PRIDE RT system takes care of the financial arrangements on-line, so your out-of-pocket expenses are minimal. There's no paperwork and no wait.

Protecting you from harmful drug interactions

Our Drug-to-Drug Interaction Screening system (connected to every pharmacy throughout PRIDE RT network) alerts pharmacists to potentially harmful drug interactions before your medication is dispensed. Each year, our system flags more than a million possible drug interactions to Alberta pharmacies.

Instant dental coverage information

Dental offices can easily find out at the time of your appointment exactly what's covered and what the maximums are by using CDAnet, a national electronic system.

Direct billing for optical, chiropractic and physiotherapy claims

Did you know that Alberta Blue Cross provides the convenience of direct billing for optical, chiropractic and physiotherapy claims? Providers can submit claims online at the time of service through an easy- to-use secure website created and maintained by Alberta Blue Cross. This increases convenience—and reduces out-of-pocket costs—for you.