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Important information about COVID-19

Including information on travel restrictions, virtual care and prescription drugs.

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Learn how to reduce out-of-pocket dental expenses

Contact your dental office to let them know you have coverage with Alberta Blue Cross and be prepared to ask the right questions

Do you charge according to the “Alberta Dental Association and College fee guide?"

If they answer yes, then you could find yourself paying less out-of-pocket as the fees in that guide are, on average, lower.

While dentists can charge varying fees for dental services, our most recent data shows that approximately 48 per cent of Alberta dentists were charging according to the 2019 Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) fee guide.

If you are unable to determine if the dentist charges according to the ADA&C fee guide, here are the fees of a few common procedures you can ask about specifically.

Complete examination
Procedure #: 01103
ADA&C fee: $105.92
Two bitewing images
Procedure #: 02142
ADA&C fee: $47.05
Procedure #: 02601
ADA&C fee: $92.19
Procedure #: 11111
ADA&C fee: $70.10
Procedure #: 11101
ADA&C fee: $62.46
Procedure #: 12111
ADA&C fee: $30.26

Could you send a predetermination to Alberta Blue Cross on my behalf?

This will help you determine what is covered by your plan and what you will pay out-of-pocket prior to receiving treatment.

Predeterminations are sent electronically and most are processed instantly.

Could you tell me about your billing arrangements?

This will help determine how much if anything, you'll have to pay up front and if they submit your claim on your behalf.

If they direct bill your insurance, you only have to pay the amount that wasn't covered.

If you have to pay up front, make sure you ask if they will submit the claim on your behalf.

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