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Participate in Alberta Winter Walk Day 2017.

Open the door and go for it—with a little help from the tips below.

  • Ideas to organize your winter walk event
  • Tips for winter walking
  • What if it is too cold to walk outside?
  • After your event

Ideas to organize your winter walk event

  • Create a committee to organize the event (community members, parents, older students, staff, physical activity specialist or coordinator, walking champion).
  • Promote your event through newsletter inserts, posters and PA announcements. Email and we can provide you with promotional materials to help with your event.
  • Let your local media know!
  • Invite special guests to join you (MLAs, local politicians etc.)
  • You may want to boost your total minutes or steps walked by encouraging students to walk to school that day or take a brief walk around the school when they are dropped off.
  • Food, hot beverages and giveaways always add to the fun!
  • Prior to the event, or once outside, use warm-up exercises to get all walkers ready to walk.
  • Document your event with photos or videos. Get permission from your participants in advance and post your photos and videos on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #WinterWalkDay.

Tips for winter walking

  • Wear warm, appropriate clothing and ensure your footwear has a good grip on ice.
  • Dress in layers. Over-dressing is better than under-dressing as clothing can always be removed if you get too hot.
  • Wear bright colors so drivers can see you, such as safety vests, clothing with reflective strips, bright scarves or neck warmers, gloves or toques.
  • Ensure your head and hands are covered.
  • Ensure vehicles have come to a complete stop and make eye contact with the driver before crossing the street—many intersections are slippery.

What if it is too cold to walk outside?

  • It is too cold to walk outside if the temperature including wind chill falls below -25° C.
  • If it is too cold, you can postpone your walk to later in the day.
  • If it doesn’t warm up later in the day, you might want to walk in a school gym or hallways, local recreation centre or local mall. Make it fun by using use pedometers and playing music

After your event

  • Simply count the number of steps and total minutes you or your group walked and submit them to SHAPE online at
  • Thank ALL your volunteers, for without them the event wouldn’t be successful!

What’s next?

  • Make walking part of your daily routine.
  • Start a walking club or Walking School Bus.
  • Plan your next walking event.
  • Include walking clubs, activities or challenges as part of your organization’s wellness initiatives.