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How it works

The Employee Choice™ plan allows you to allocate a set dollar amount for each of your employees. Your employees can choose how they want to use those dollars on the health and wellness products and services they need.

You can feel good knowing you’re caring for your team and your business with a plan that keeps costs stable and predictable.

Everything you need in a plan

Predictable costs

Predictable costs provide certainty. Knowing how much you'll be expected to spend on your employees year after year is key to a sustainable benefits plan.

Optional add-ons

Broaden your coverage with a Wellness Spending Account and Life Insurance package to create a more comprehensive plan.

Benefits on the go

With our mobile app, your employees can access benefit information anytime and anywhere. Submit a claim, update your information or look up a direct-bill provider on the go.

Greater choice and flexibility

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for today's employees. Offering greater choice and flexibility can give you a competitive advantage over those who don't.

Business growth

A happier, healthier and engaged workforce leads to business growth and success.

Wellness supports

Employees can access Balance®, our online wellness tool. Find health and wellness resources, and earn points for staying healthy—all for a chance to win great prizes.

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Your plan, your way

An Employee Choice™ plan starts with a Health Spending Account (HSA) and Balance®. Customize it with optional add-ons to meet your employees’ needs.

For extra coverage and protection, consider adding a Wellness Spending Account (WSA), Peace of mind coverage, virtual care and Life and Disability Insurance.

Core benefits

Health Spending Account (HSA)


Employees can use their HSA credits to cover health and medical expenses not covered by provincial health care. Credits can also be used to cover the premiums on a separate personal health plan.



Balance® is a online wellness program that helps you and your employees make wellness a priority.

Wellness Spending Account (WSA)

With no extra cost to you, a WSA reimburses employees for wellness-related expenses.

Comprehensive coverage

Peace of mind coverage


With Peace of mind coverage, you are giving your employees the extra peace-of-mind that they will be protected no matter what life throws at them―be it a hospital stay or an emergency dental visit.

Virtual care


Virtual care allows your employees and their dependents to connect with licensed Canadian health care professionals. Get health care services conveniently, comfortably and securely.

Life and Disability Insurance

Life Insurance


When the worst happens, you can be there for your employees by providing life coverage.

Enhanced Critical Illness


As a result of a critical illness, an employee may face new or unexpected out‐of‐pocket expenses. Even after they've recovered, they may need nursing care or accessibility renovations. The Critical Illness benefit provides a lump sum payment to cover these expenses.

Short Term Disability


Available to groups with 5 or more employees, Short Term Disability gives employees the time and peace-of-mind they need to recover from an illness or injury. Employees are supported by our expert case managers and receive continued income for a limited duration.

Long Term Disability


Available to groups with 3 or more employees, Long Term Disability provides financial stability for employees requiring longer treatment and recovery for an injury or illness. Employees are supported by our expert case managers and receive continued income for the duration of coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

You start with a Health Spending Account and Balance®, our online wellness program. Then you can choose to add other benefits such as Life and Disability Insurance.

You set the amount in the Health Spending Account, and your employees choose what they need to spend it on and when.

There are a few key differences. The main one is the flexibility this plan offers to your employees. Unlike a traditional plan, they get to choose how they spend 100 per cent of their allocated dollars. This means they have the flexibility and choice to pick which benefits they want to spend their dollars on.

For you, this means the cost of your benefits plan is more predictable than a traditional plan, with less fluctuations over time.

This plan is designed for startups. It may also be a good fit if you

  • are a small to medium business,
  • value predictable pricing,
  • want to provide flexible benefits that employees can manage themselves.

If you’re not sure this plan is for you, reach out to a sales representative to discuss. Or try our calculator to see what your plan could look like and cost.

An average Employee Choice™ plan gives each employee $2,500 for them to allocate to either a Health Spending Account or an optional Wellness Spending Account. Depending on your budget, you could increase or decrease this amount.

Consider average costs of health care services and products.

According to research by National Crowdfunding and Fintech Association of Canada

  • The average annual health care cost for an adult between the ages of 18 to 44 is $2,985.
  • The average for children and youth between the ages of 5 and 17 is $1,921.
  • An adult dental exam can cost as much as $200 and a root canal and crown can total more than $2,000.

If you’re not sure, we recommend starting with the allocations below and adjusting to see what best fits your budget.

  • $1,500 annually per single employee.
  • $3,000 annually per employee with dependents.

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