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Emergency medical travel coverage

Alberta Blue Cross travel coverage

Of course you don’t expect to be in an accident or struck by illness while on vacation. But in a split second, an unexpected medical emergency can happen - to you. If you are without Alberta Blue Cross travel coverage, you could be facing huge medical bills and potential financial burden.

Without travel coverage, you could end up with large medical bills not covered by provincial health care. Alberta Blue Cross pays thousands of travel coverage Claims each year on behalf of our customers, we often pay emergency medical expenses exceeding $100,000.

What do the plans cover?

Alberta Blue Cross travel coverage also includes travel assistance services. Some of these services include emergency response in most major languages; assistance in locating an appropriate physician, clinic or hospital; monitoring your medical treatment and keeping your family informed. Alberta Blue Cross will also bring you home safely by providing medical evacuation repatriation—covering the cost of transporting you home in the care of a medical attendant. See the details.

With rising health care costs in the U.S and worldwide, it’s important than ever to get Alberta Blue Cross travel coverage before you go.