Interactive Drug Benefit List (iDBL)

There are a number of exciting features that make the iDBL a great new tool for searching the Drug Benefit List publications.

  • Quickly and easily re-sort your search results.
  • Obtain quick information about the date certain products became benefits.
  • Find complete pricing and interchangeability information.
  • Find product specific special authorization coverage criteria.
The iDBL is a real time document that is updated daily.

Printable Drug Benefit List and Related Publications

DBL Table of Contents
(Note: This contains the amended Price policy as of February 10, 2014. Use this if you are looking for background information or cannot open the large DBL document)

Alberta Drug Benefit List (ADBL)

DBL - April 1, 2014Excel

April 1, 2014 DBLPDF

Summary of Changes to the April 1, 2014 DBLPDF

For the Amended February 20, 2014 Price Policy, please click here PDF

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Alberta Human Services Drug Benefit Supplement (HSDBS)

DBS - April 1, 2014Excel

April 1, 2014 HSDBSPDF

Summary of Changes to the April 1, 2014 HSDBSPDF

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Palliative Care Drug Benefit Supplement (PCDBS)

PCDBS - April 1, 2014Excel

April 1, 2014 PCDBS PDF

DBL Reports

Current DBL Reports

DBL and DBS Price Files

Alberta Drug Benefit List, Alberta Human Services and the Palliative Care Drug Benefit Supplements Price File
April 1, 2014 Excel

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The DBL, DBS and related publications require knowledgeable interpretation and are intended primarily for professional health care practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals and organizations associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of pharmaceutical preparations.

Electronic versions of all DBL and DBS related publications are unofficial versions and are provided for convenience and private use only. Official paper versions can be obtained from Alberta Blue Cross who publishes them on behalf of Alberta Health and Alberta Human Services.

Alberta Health reserves the right to make changes, without notice, to the List through the Interactive DBL (iDBL), and any such changes to the Interactive DBL (iDBL) are effective the date of the change (unless otherwise stated) and regardless of the date of publication in the paper/CD version or updates.