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A strong brand. An even stronger alliance.

With increasing numbers of Albertans travelling and working outside the province, Alberta Blue Cross is pleased to announce that we now hold the exclusive licence for the Blue Shield mark in Alberta.

To our customers, this means greater peace of mind when outside our province through our strengthened alliance with the global Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan network—arguably the world’s most recognized and trusted health care brand. The licence also provides access to an international network to facilitate sharing of knowledge, insights and innovation.

Over the next six months, you’ll begin to see some changes as we start to incorporate the Blue Shield symbol in uses such as member statements, cheques, new and replacement ID cards, brochures, advertising, newsletters, envelopes, forms, stationery and web sites. Between January and August 2016, we will undergo a transition period where we will gradually be adding the Blue Shield symbol to the majority of our collateral materials.

Who we are and what we do isn’t changing. Alberta Blue Cross remains the same independent, not-for-profit health benefit provider that is recognized and trusted as one of Alberta’s Top 10 Most Loved Brands and one of Alberta’s Most Respected Organizations. Collectively, the Blue Cross Plans across Canada deliver coverage to more Canadians than any other benefit provider—and the value and expertise that plan sponsors need.

As Alberta’s largest benefit provider, Alberta Blue Cross provides coverage for more than 1.7 million Albertans.

We appreciate your continued support as a valued Alberta Blue Cross customer.

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