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Travel insurance

Flexible travel insurance packages designed for you

Travel insurance is an integral part of any trip. But choosing the right plan and add-ons to create coverage that’s perfectly designed for you is easier said than done.

Travel insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We provide recommendations to help you make decisions you can feel good about. Ready to start? Let’s get you covered.

Travel packages

Choose a travel package to see what’s included. You can customize any package until it’s right for you.

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Comprehensive package

Everything you need in a package. This is ideal if you want full protection for travel outside of Canada.

View the comprehensive package
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Travelling in Canada package

A combination of our most popular coverages designed for trips within Canada.

Learn how to protect your trip within Canada
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Study abroad package

Travel options that protect Canadian students studying in another country.

Discover the study abroad package
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Snowbird package

Medical coverage and more for extended stays outside of Canada.

Find out what’s in the snowbird package
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Family vacation package

Protection and peace of mind you can count on for trips with the whole family.

Explore the family vacation package
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Weekend getaway package

Designed for travellers taking a short trip within Canada or across the border.

Check out the weekend getaway package
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Backpacking package

Great for adventure-seekers on a journey with multiple destinations.

See recommendations for backpackers
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Winter escapes package

A package that prepares you for any emergency while travelling during the winter months.

Get details about the winter escapes package
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Romantic retreats package

For couples seeking protection from common trip disruptions and delays.

View coverage options for romantic retreats

Get a quote

Finding the right coverage you need for your trip starts with a quote. Get started online or give our travel team a call. We are here to help you.

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