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Alberta Blue Cross® is the largest benefits provider in Alberta and one of the largest in Western Canada. We serve more than 1.9 million individuals with coverage through small and larger employer group plans, individual plans and government-sponsored programs.

We have been recognized as an organization who delivers quality service and competitive benefits while keeping our customers at the heart of every interaction.

As an Alberta-based, not-for-profit organization, we believe we have the responsibility to empower people to live their best life. We believe all communities should thrive. And, we are committed to promoting your health and wellness.

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Workplace wellness

Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the competition or take your business to the next level, a happy and healthy workforce is the key to making it happen.

For inspiration and practical advice, here are a few articles to help you bring wellness into your workplace.

Workplace wellness framework

Healthy employees create healthy organizations. Workplace wellness happens when workplaces focus on and prioritize the creation of a healthy culture. Our workplace wellness framework can help you take the next step in your organization’s wellness journey.

How to build an employee wellness program from the ground up

Did you know that a quarter of a company’s lost revenue can be attributed to decreased productivity, absenteeism, and the medical and pharmaceutical costs of lifestyle and modifiable behavior choices?

Do your employees need retirement benefits?

If you have employees reaching retirement age, they’re likely wondering how they’ll afford their medications and support their health needs when they retire.

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