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Visitors to Canada

This plan helps you stay protected from costly expenses due to an illness or injury. Enjoy your stay knowing that your urgent medical needs are covered.

Plan highlights

Visitors to Canada includes:

  • reimbursement for medical costs such as hospital services, prescription drugs, ambulance, medical evacuation and more
  • coverage for $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 (only available to those who are 74 years old or under)
  • an optional deductible to reduce the cost of your premiums
  • coverage that extends to side trips taken outside of Canada during your coverage period, as long as it meets the criteria outlined in your policy
nurse accompany with a patient walking illustration


To buy Visitors to Canada coverage, travellers must be:

  • between 31 days and 79 years old at the time of purchase
  • tourists visiting from another country
  • immigrants or permanent residents awaiting coverage by a public health insurance plan
  • Canadian citizens returning home after a long absence
  • not covered by a provincial health plan

The contract can be purchased before arriving in Canada or within 30 days after arriving. You can also purchase Visitors to Canada while covered by a similar insurance in Canada or within 30 days of that coverage ending.

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