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Extended health

The total for all extended health claims is $5,000 per year (excluding Accidental Death and Dismemberment, travel insurance and Term Life Insurance).


Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Auxiliary care (per year) - - $1,000
Hospital beds (per lifetime) - $1,000 $1,500
Hospital cash (per day/per year) - $20/$400 $20/$600
Home nursing (per year) - - $2,500
Preferred hospital accommodations (per year; semi-private or private rooms) $1,000 $2,000 $3,000

Paramedical practitioners

Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Ambulance services (ground and air) 100% 100% 100%
Accidental dental care (per incident) $2,000 $2,500 $3,000
Acupuncturist, homeopath, osteopath and naturopath (per visit) - - $50
Combined maximum (per year; includes acupuncturist, homeopath, osteopath and naturopath) - - $350
Chiropractor (per visit) - $35 $35
Physiotherapist and massage therapist (per visit) - $50 $50
Combined maximum (per year; includes chiropractor, physiotherapist and massage therapist) - $350 $500
Podiatrist and chiropodist (per visit) - $25 $25
Combined maximum (per year; includes podiatrist and chiropodist) - $300 $300
Psychologist (including iCBT) (per visit/per year) $75/$150 $75/$450 $75/$750
Speech language pathologist (per visit/per year) - - $80/$500
Individual Assistance Program (IAP) (per calendar years) 12 sessions 12 sessions 12 sessions

Medical device supplies

Coverage Level A Level B Level C
CPAP sleep apnea appliance (per five years) - $500 $750
Custom braces (per two years) - 70%/$750 70%/$750
Foot orthotics (per year) - $200 $200
Hearing aids (per four years) - $500 $750
Ileostomy/colostomy, urinary catheters and supplies (per year) - $1,200 $1,200
Mastectomy prosthesis (per two years) - $200 for single/$400 for double $200 for single/$400 for double
Medical aids (per year; crutches, canes, casts, cervical collars, walkers, splints, trusses and traction kits) - $250 $250
Orthopedic shoes (per year) - $250 $250
Oxygen and equipment (per year) - - $1,000
Prosthetics (per year) - $300 $300
Surgical stockings (per year) - $200 $200
Wheelchair (per three years) - $1,500 $1,500

Vision care

Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Vision care including eye exams (per two years) $100 $200 $300


Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Emergency Medical Care coverage per trip* $5 million $5 million $5 million
Trip length 10 days 17 days 30 days
Discount on Emergency Medical Care applied to the extra days you need 15% 20% 25%
Discount on Trip Cancellation or Interruption 10% 10% 10%
Length of time pre-existing conditions must be stable before departure date 90 days 90 days 90 days

*This benefit is no longer available at 65 years old.

Learn more about underwriters for Alberta Blue Cross®.


Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)** $15,000 $20,000 $25,000
Final Expenses**, terminates at age 65* (one year waiting period) - $4,000 $6,000

* "Terminates at age" references the age when a benefit is no longer available for that specific individual

**Underwritten by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada®.


Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Balance®—online program that promotes wellness and helps you live a healthier lifestyle. Included Included Included
Blue Advantage®—discount program for health and wellness products. Included Included Included
Care navigation—lifestyle and chronic disease management through our website. Included Included Included

Optional dental*

Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Basic and preventive care (three-month waiting period; includes checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions and root canals 70% 75% 80%
Dentures (one-year waiting period) - 50% 50%
Periodontics (one-year waiting period) - 50% 80%
Extensive; includes crowns, bridges and implants (two-year waiting period) - - 50%
First year combined maximum (applies to basic and preventive care only) $600 $600 $600
Second and subsequent years combined maximum (per year; includes basic, extensive, dentures and periodontics) - $1,250 $1,500
Orthodontic (two-year waiting period; per lifetime) - - 50%/$2,000

*Alberta Blue Cross® Individual Health Plan Usual and Customary Dental Fee List.

Optional prescription drug

With Blue Assured®, you have the option of including prescription drugs in your benefit coverage.

Coverage Level A Level B Level C
Maximum (per year; includes diabetic supplies and Glucose Monitoring Systems (GMS), contraceptives, smoking cessation and vaccines)
Please contact a Personal Benefit Consultant for higher prescription coverage options.
$250 $500 $1,500
Coverage level (three month waiting period) 70% direct bill 70% direct bill 70% direct bill

Additional features

Blue Advantage®

You will also enjoy access to Blue Advantage®, a program that enables Alberta Blue Cross® plan members to save on medical, vision care and many other products and services regardless of whether the item is covered under your benefit plan or not.

Blue Advantage®