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A plan that will meet your needs today while protecting your tomorrow.

Our Young Adult plan is designed to help you maintain and support your health and give you peace of mind with health and dental benefits that focus on prevention. You can take care of yourself today with benefits like massage therapy, physiotherapy and mental health coverage and know you’re protecting your tomorrow.

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Designed for what matters to you

Extensive mental health coverage

Enjoy access to therapy through a psychologist or social worker, as well as access to various mental health tools and resources such as internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) and virtual care.

Affordable rates with options to change as your life does.

Not only are you protecting yourself from the high cost of an unexpected illness or injury and your future insurability, our Young Adult plan allows you to build and customize a plan that’s right for you.

Easily transition from your parents’ plan.

With guaranteed acceptance despite any current medications you might be currently taking, it’s easier than ever for you to maintain benefits coverage and eligibility for certain benefits in the future.

Young Adult plan benefits

Your core coverage includes hospital stays, ambulance services, medical device supplies, vision care, travel insurance, life insurance and wellness.

Customize your coverage levels

Choose your coverage amounts for paramedical services, prescription drugs and dental.

Paramedical practitioners

Improve your mental and physical health with coverage for psychology (including iCBT), physical therapy, massage and chiropractic.

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Dental coverage

Get comprehensive coverage for routine checkups, cleanings and more.

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Prescription drug benefits

Cover the cost of prescription drugs with coverage options up to $2,000 per year.

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Core benefits

These benefits come with set coverage amounts.

Individual Assistance Program (IAP) and virtual care

Get access to virtual care and our IAP for personal, nutritional and financial counselling.

Hospital and ambulance

Be prepared for the unexpected with coverage for ambulance services and hospital stays.


Receive coverage for vision care every 2 years.


Get ready for your next trip with $5 million in emergency medical coverage.

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