Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Trip disruptions—a cancelled flight or family emergency back home—can ruin your trip and leave you out-of-pocket thousands of dollars.

With Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage, you are reimbursed for trip costs if you’re unable to travel or you need to change your plans during your trip.

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Plan highlights

Trip Cancellation or Interruption includes:

  • trip cancellation coverage for single-trip plans up to the cost of your trip and up to $5,000 for multi-trip plans
  • unlimited trip interruption coverage to help you get home or stay longer in case of an emergency while travelling
  • the option to add Optional Protection: Pandemic if you cancel or interrupt your trip due to a pandemic
  • 10% off for Alberta Blue Cross® members who have a personal or group plan
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To buy Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage, travellers must:

  • be Canadian residents
  • have coverage under a provincial health plan for the duration of their trip
  • over 30 days old on the departure date

Additional conditions may apply for travellers over the age of 55. For more information, review our travel policy.

Enhance your plan with travel add-ons

Looking for extra coverage? You can add the following options to enhance your plan. These cannot be purchased alone.

Optional Protection: Pandemic

When you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a pandemic, Optional Protection: Pandemic is there to help cover unexpected costs.

Baggage loss coverage

Baggage loss coverage reimburses you for lost, damaged or stolen baggage.

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Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Accidental Death and Dismemberment cover expenses due to death or loss of a limb during a trip.

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Learn more about Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage

Some costs related to COVID-19 may be covered. If you purchased Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage before November 1, 2022 or Optional Protection: Pandemic coverage, you could be covered when:

  • you test positive for COVID-19 before you leave and need to postpone your trip
  • you test positive for COVID-19 during your trip and need to extend your stay

See your travel insurance policy for more information.

If you wish to cancel or postpone your trip due to COVID-19, first contact your service provider (e.g., travel agency or air carrier) that sold your trip to request a refund or postponement. Then, please contact our customer service agents to explain your situation.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage purchased after November 1, 2022 without Optional Protection: Pandemic coverage will not cover costs due to COVID-19 or any other pandemic.

Bad, unpredictable weather is the cause of many flight delays or cancellations. If you purchased a travel insurance plan from us, it includes Flight Delay Service. This service offers access to an airport lounge, hotel room or per person allowance, depending on how long the delay is.

It’s best to buy as soon as you book your trip. Cancellation insurance protects you from unexpected circumstances that arise before you leave.

You can add Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage to your existing medical travel insurance plan, whether it’s through your employer or a personal plan.