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Information for group plan members


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Confirmation of illness (ABC 55164)

If you are submitting a Short Term disability claim for an absence related to the coronavirus and do not have an Attending Physician Statement, we require you use this form to confirm your symptoms and any medical treatment you may have received for your condition.

Dental Claims/Treatment Plans (ABC 20041)

This form is used to submit all dental claims including accidental dental services.

Health Services Claims (ABC 20039)

This form is used to submit claims for products or services such as prescription drugs, private or semi-private hospital accommodation, ambulance, psychology services, physiotherapy, chiropractic, wheelchairs, vision care and hearing aids.

Orthopedic shoe and foot orthotic fabrication form/medical supply checklist (ABC 83475)

Claiming for orthopedic shoes, foot orthotics or surgical stockings? View the fabrication form (p.1) and requirements checklist (p.2).

Health spending account claims (ABC 30676)

If you have a health spending account, you may use this form to submit eligible medically-related claims for reimbursement through it. The types of claims that you may submit through your account are described in detail on the claim form. (Note: To apply for reimbursement of your health or dental plan rates, please use two forms: the health spending account claim form and also include the Reimbursement Form listed below.)

Wellness spending account claims – Note: Each benefit plan has its own customized list of eligible expenses for wellness spending accounts. There are two ways to submit your claims:

  • Customized wellness claim form: This form is available by signing in to the secure, plan member site. Once inside the site, navigate to the “Forms” area to use the form that is pre-populated with your name and address and includes a list of expenses that are eligible under your specific plan.
  • Generic PDF form (ABC 31161):Use this form if you already know the expense categories used by your benefit plan.
Health/Dental Plan Rate Reimbursement Form (ABC 30980)

This form is used to request reimbursement of your health or dental plan rates. It must be submitted along with a Health Spending Account Claims form, and must be signed by your employer.

International Service/Expatriate Claims (ABC 30735)

Use this form to submit expenses for health services you obtained while working outside Canada.

Travel insurance claim form

Use this form to submit emergency medical expenses incurred while travelling. These could include expenses such as the following: ambulance, hospital, airfare and vehicle return.

Health and Dental Benefit Application (ABC 20064)

Submit this form to add eligible employees (that is, those who have fulfilled the requirements of the Group Contract.)

Employee Benefits Application (ABC 20057)

Submit this form to add eligible employees (that is, those who have fulfilled the requirements of the Group Contract.)

Updating or changing your file information

Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information (ABC 30662)

Use this consent form if you are 18 years of age or older and want Alberta Blue Cross to provide personal health information to another individual. You may, for example, want Alberta Blue Cross to provide your personal health information to another adult (such as your spouse, child, a relative, a friend or a lawyer). If the person who is the subject of the information request is incapable of making personal decisions or of understanding or signing the form, please contact our Customer Services department for a different consent form.

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Direct Deposit for Claims Payment

Making changes to your bank account information, or arranging for Alberta Blue Cross to deposit claim payments into your account is simple. Register for direct deposit online through the plan member site.

Life and disability forms

Application for Benefits - Employee Statement (ABC 55072)

Attending Physician Statement Long Term Disability Claim (ABC 55085)

Attending Physician Statement Short Term Disability Claim (ABC 55086)

Job Description (ABC 55073)

Accident Questionnaire (ABC 55099)

Direct Deposit Form for Disability Benefits (ABC 55094)

Education and Work History (ABC 55097)

Submitting your claims

Once you have opened the form, enter all requested information using your mouse and keyboard. Print and sign the form. Be sure to attach any additional supporting documentation or original receipts where required. Mail it to Alberta Blue Cross at the address indicated on the form.