Information for Alberta Blue Cross® plan members evacuated from their homes due to wildfires in Alberta. Learn more.


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Personal benefit plan

Whether you're self-employed, working without employer benefits or an early retiree, Alberta Blue Cross® has an individual health plan for you. Find coverage to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Group benefit plan

If you're a business owner with two employees or two thousand, Alberta Blue Cross® can help you build a benefit plan that meets your employees' unique needs and preferences.

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Travel insurance

For the weekend getaway or the extended vacation, Alberta Blue Cross® has a plan to match your needs. Wherever you are, stay protected with our reliable coverage.

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Personal life insurance

Whether you're looking for Term Life Insurance for your temporary coverage needs or Whole Life Insurance for permanent coverage, Alberta Blue Cross® can help.

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Government-sponsored programs

Alberta Blue Cross® administers several programs such as Coverage for Seniors and Non-Group Coverage on behalf of the Government of Alberta.

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