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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section where there is information on Coupa, their supplier portal, purchase orders, contracts and risk assessment.


Will there be training for suppliers?

Yes, a training guide is available to download for your reference. For any specific questions, you can reach out to

I support multiple organizations. Do I need to re-register on the Coupa Supplier Portal for each one?

No, once you are registered on the Coupa Supplier Portal, you can use your account to collaborate with multiple customers. You will not need to create separate accounts for each of your clients.

Where can I find more information or support on Coupa?

The Coupa Supplier Portal has a wealth of resources and instructions on how to use Coupa.

How do I create or edit an invoice in the Coupa Supplier Portal?

Creating and editing an invoice in the Coupa Supplier Portal is simple, but it will vary depending on your exact needs and circumstances. Learn how to get started on Coupa.

Will we need additional software to work within Coupa Supplier Portal?

No additional software is required. The Coupa Supplier Portal is a cloud-based platform so you will only need access to the internet and an email account.

Account set up

When and how do I register for an account?

Your organization’s primary contact should receive instructions to sign up for the Coupa Supplier Portal. They will have the ability to invite additional members of your organization to join the portal.

I’m already set up in Coupa Supplier Portal with a different customer, do I need to register again?

If you are already set up in the Coupa Supplier Portal with other customers, you do not need to register in the Coupa Supplier Portal again. You need to provide us with the email address of your existing account and by using the same one, Alberta Blue Cross® will be linked as customer.

How do I get access for multiple people?

Once registered in the Coupa Supplier Portal, you will be able to invite additional users within your company, and they can use their own credentials to log in. Go to Admin, then select Users and Invite Users and provide their name and email address so they can gain access to the Coupa Supplier Portal account linked to Alberta Blue Cross®.

Who is the admin on my company’s account?

The initial user will be admin. That initial user can give admin rights or limited rights to others.

Purchase Orders (POs)

How are purchase orders sent to us?

You should have received an email from Alberta Blue Cross® regarding either the Coupa Supplier Portal or Supplier Actionable Notifications. If using Supplier Actionable Notifications, purchase orders will be sent to the email address provided in the purchase order email field. This can be the same or different from the primary contact’s email address. If a different email should be used, please let us know. By using the Coupa Supplier Portal, you can view and act upon the purchase orders you receive from Alberta Blue Cross® by logging into the Coupa Supplier Portal. The Coupa Supplier Portal also allows you to filter out who has access to transactions and suppliers. Users can also manage their notification preferences as desired. Finally, if purchase orders are to be sent via cXML, you should have already received additional instructions regarding this transmission method.

How will I be notified when there is a new purchase order?

Coupa sends notifications when a purchase order is issued through the Coupa Supplier Portal. The notifications can be set through email, online and SMS text.

What is supplier actionable notifications?

Supplier Actionable Notifications provide the supplier with the ability to answers Coupa actions via email. If you opt for using Supplier Actionable Notifications, you do not need to register for a Coupa Supplier Portal account. You will receive purchase orders directly to your confirmed purchase order email address and will be able to view the purchase order details directly from your email.

What are the disadvantages in using Supplier Actionable Notifications?

If you decide to not use Supplier Actionable Notifications, you will not be able to manage and monitor the status of your purchase orders and invoices. You also will not be able to create catalogues or timesheets. If you have agreed to use Supplier Actionable Notifications with us, you will have to register for the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Can we use a shared email inbox to receive purchase orders?

Yes, a shared email inbox can be used to receive purchase orders via Supplier Actionable Notifications. It should be added as your supplier contact in Coupa.


Will the Sourcing process change?

Coupa will not impact Alberta Blue Cross®’s current sourcing module. Procurement will be leading the sourcing events in Alberta Blue Cross® For any questions regarding a sourcing process, reach out to

Am I able to invite other collaborators to negotiate a contract?

When you receive a contract to review, you might need to invite others to also review it. You can invite colleagues from your organization or others from outside your organization to review your contract. Learn how inviting collaborators works.

Will signatures be collected via Coupa?

No, the current signatures process will not change.

What is supplier actionable notifications?

The contract collaboration is a feature of the Coupa system, which will allow Alberta Blue Cross® and the suppliers to

  • Digitally negotiate contract.
  • Track contract changes.
  • Invite multiple users to the contract negotiation.

How can I access my contract?

When you use Contract Collaboration, Alberta Blue Cross® will send you contracts to review, edit and invite colleagues. Learn how Contract Collaboration works.

How can I edit a contract?

You will see the option to download and upload edited contract versions. This allows you to download the contract for editing in Microsoft Word and upload the document once your changes are complete. Learn how contract editing works.

Coupa Risk Assess

What is Coupa Risk Assess?

Coupa Risk Assess is a module to our Coupa cloud-based system and third-party risk management software used to complete the procurement intake process.

Is it required to have a Coupa Supplier Portal account to answer risk questionnaires?

No, the primary contact identified in Alberta Blue Cross®'s records will receive the risk questionnaire via email.

How does it impact me?

As a supplier, you may be providing answers to a risk control questionnaire during the sourcing process. This questionnaire allows Alberta Blue Cross® to evaluate your risk profile and determine the level of risk associated with your business operations. By completing the questionnaire, you help Alberta Blue Cross® understand any potential risks involved in doing business with you and respond appropriately to mitigate those risks. It enables Alberta Blue Cross® to make informed decisions regarding supplier relationships and ensure compliance with risk management policies and procedures.

How do I gain access to Coupa Risk Assess?

Alberta Blue Cross®’s supplier will automatically gain access to Coupa Risk Assess, and the access allows the supplier to answer the appropriate controls questionnaires.


If you have any procurement-related inquiries, please contact us at

For accounting-related matters, please reach out to Our dedicated teams will assist you promptly.

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