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Enhanced Benefit Plus Schedule of Fees

The following Benefit Plus Schedule of Fees reflects the maximum amounts Alberta Blue Cross® will pay for each of the Benefits listed below. Alberta Blue Cross® reviews and determines a reasonable amount for each of these benefits on an ongoing basis and they are, therefore, subject to change.

Please be aware that these fees may be subject to other conditions such as overall benefit maximums, combined benefit maximums and other limitations that are unique to each group benefit plan.

Provided here for your reference is a comprehensive listing of all benefits that are subject to the Schedule of Fees.

Please refer to your group Contract or Benefits Booklet for details on the coverage specific to your group.

Hospital benefits Maximum fee - Effective July 2022
Long Term Care Facility - Standard Ward Room $60.80/day
Long Term Care Facility - Semi-Private Room $64.00/day
Long Term Care Facility - Private Room $73.95/day
Private Hospital Room $187/day
Semi-Private Hospital Room $150/day
Extended Health Benefits Maximum fee - Effective July 2022
Acupuncturist $40/visit
Chiropractor $30/visit
Eye exam $75/visit
Massage Therapist $40/visit
Naturopath $40/visit
Osteopath $35/visit
Physiotherapy $45/visit
Podiatrist/Chiropodist $30/visit
Psychologist or Master of Social Work $90/visit
Speech Language Pathologist $60/visit