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Plans for

Individuals and Families

Whether you’re self-employed, working without group benefits or an early retiree, Alberta Blue Cross individual health plans are a smart choice for you and your family. Our plans provide practical benefits you’ll use on a regular basis, as well as affordable protection against the high cost of unexpected illness, accidents or medical conditions.

We offer both medically-reviewed and guaranteed-issue plans to meet your needs and budget.

We have plans for all ages and stages of your life

Which plan suits your lifestyle?


Meet a few of our customers and see how they chose their perfect plan.

Carl and Joanne

Carl and Joanne

Carl and Joanne are a married couple with two young daughters. Carl suffers from back pain that requires regular massages. They would like dental benefits to ensure their family is protected in case their daughters require orthodontic work in the future and prescription drug coverage to save out-of-pocket expenses.

Blue Choice is the perfect solution for them.

John and Mary

John and Mary

John and Mary want to complement their government-sponsored plan with coverage that doesn’t require a medical review. With three levels of extended health and dental to choose from, they’ll be able to get coverage for massages, acupunctures, naturopathic and dental services and more.

Blue Assured fulfills their needs.



Sarah, a Blue Choice plan member, has been self-employed for several years, but she was recently offered a great job with employer benefits. If she changes her mind and goes back to being self-employed in the future, she wants to be sure that she can go back to her Alberta Blue Cross coverage without a medical review.

The Portability Plan allows her to secure her eligibility.



David is 58 and has big plans for retirement, but he’s looking for a benefit plan to replace the group plan he currently has through his employer. If he applies for the Alberta Blue Cross retiree plan within 60 days of losing his group coverage, he’ll be able to enjoy a customized benefits plan that includes extended health benefits (including travel), dental and prescription drug coverage.

The retiree plan is precisely what he's looking for.