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Did you know?

Individuals and Families

Did you know?

Over 1.7 million Albertans have Alberta Blue Cross coverage

As Alberta's largest benefits carrier, Alberta Blue Cross provides supplementary health and dental benefit programs to meet the health needs of over 1.7 million Albertans. We offer benefit plans for individuals and families, seniors, and large and small employers. We also administer health programs for provincial, territorial and federal governments. We’ve been a trusted provider of supplementary benefits for more than 60 years, and are pleased to provide the coverage that Albertans know and prefer.

Individual plan members can purchase travel coverage at a discounted price

If you have individual coverage and wish to purchase additional travel coverage beyond what is offered by your plan, you qualify for a 10 per cent discount.

Alberta Blue Cross is not a government agency or an insurance company

We are an independent, not-for-profit organization—that means we serve your best interests. Any surplus we generate is invested back into the products and services we offer to Albertans.

You must be an Albertan to buy an individual health plan

Alberta residents with a valid Alberta Health Care card are qualified for an individual health plan through Alberta Blue Cross.

Request a health plan package with prices

Alberta Blue Cross individual health plans are designed for people without employer-sponsored health benefit plans.

Your provincial health care plan does not cover all your health needs, such as prescription drugs, ambulance services, dental and vision care. Alberta Blue Cross individual health plans are designed to supplement your provincial health plan by covering these products and services.

If you have an individual plan and are joining an employer group plan, we have a portability option that lets you hold onto your individual health plan for a small fee so that you can resume coverage in the future without a medical review.

You may still have out-of-pocket expenses even though you have 100% coverage for dental check-ups and cleanings

There is no single standard for dental services billing in Alberta today. That means dental offices can, and do, charge varying prices for dental services—a situation that can lead to the question you've asked. Dental services covered under Personal Choice or Seniors Plus individual health plans are paid according to the Alberta Blue Cross Dental Schedule which provides a consistent and fair basis of payment.

Health plans for individuals and families

We have a plan for you.