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Special measures for displaced plan members

Alberta Blue Cross® implements special measures to ensure uninterrupted coverage for Albertans displaced by wildfires

Alberta Blue Cross® is committed to providing uninterrupted coverage to plan members displaced by the Alberta wildfires and mandatory evacuations. We have implemented a number of special measures to ensure our plan members have continued access to the coverage they need during this stressful time.

Plan members who require an early prescription refill will be able to do so—they can ask the pharmacist to contact Alberta Blue Cross® to confirm their identity to dispense their medication. For other health providers, such as dental offices, chiropractors and physiotherapists, they can call Alberta Blue Cross® if a plan member cannot produce their ID cards to confirm their identity and eligibility for benefits. Displaced residents are encouraged to contact Alberta Blue Cross® with any questions or concerns about ensuring they continue to have uninterrupted coverage during this situation.

Alberta Blue Cross® is working closely with Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services to ensure uninterrupted coverage for participants in Government of Alberta programs administered by Alberta Blue Cross®.

Our thoughts go out to the individuals displaced by the threat of wildfires and while we hope these evacuation orders will be short and these communities will not be impacted by the wildfires, we are here to ensure our customers’ exceptional needs are met in the interim.