Information for Alberta Blue Cross® plan members evacuated from their homes due to wildfires in Alberta. Learn more.


Special measures for plan members displaced by wildfires

Alberta Blue Cross® ensures uninterrupted coverage for Albertans displaced by wildfires

Alberta Blue Cross® is committed to providing uninterrupted coverage to plan members evacuated from their homes due to the Alberta wildfires and mandatory evacuations. We have implemented a number of special measures to ensure plan members have continued access to the coverage they need during this difficult time.

“We know many people are worried and scared right now. Our hearts go out to the tens of thousands of Albertans who have been impacted by this crisis,” says Brian Geislinger, vice-president of Corporate Relations and Community Engagement with Alberta Blue Cross®. “We have implemented special measures to accommodate our affected customers through this time, and we also urge them to take care of their mental health.”

Albertan Blue Cross® plan members whose plans include mental health coverage can reach out to those programs and providers for assistance, and all Albertans can access a range of mental health resources available on our website.

Plan members impacted by an evacuation who require an early prescription refill will be able to do so—they can ask the pharmacist to contact Alberta Blue Cross® to confirm their identity to dispense their medication.

Other health providers, such as dental offices, chiropractors and physiotherapists, can call Alberta Blue Cross® if a plan member does not have their ID card.

Alberta Blue Cross® is working closely with Alberta Health to ensure uninterrupted coverage for participants in Government of Alberta programs administered by Alberta Blue Cross®.