It’s tax season—access a claims total report of your medical expenses and tax receipt for premiums paid. Learn how to access these important tax documents.


There are three main ways to submit your claims for reimbursement:

  • Visit our website for plan members to submit most types of claims if your plan allows this.
  • Download our Alberta Blue Cross® member app for iPhone or Android devices and submit most types of claims quickly and easily through it.
  • Mail in a completed, signed claim form to Alberta Blue Cross®, 10009-108 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3C5. For your claim to be processed, original receipts and other supporting documentation must be attached.

Extended Health claims

For claims such as vision, chiropractor and reimbursement drugs submit your claim online through the member website, or send us a completed and signed Health Services Claim Form If you mail us a paper claim form, be sure to attach all supporting documents and original receipts. Mail the signed form, with your receipts, to Alberta Blue Cross® at the address indicated on the form.

Prescription drugs (for individual plans)

Depending on your plan design, there are two ways to pay for your prescription:

  1. Direct bill: If your benefit plan includes this feature, your pharmacist will be able to bill Alberta Blue Cross® electronically for prescriptions. Simply show your Alberta Blue Cross® Identification card as proof of coverage when ordering your prescription, and your pharmacist will take care of submitting the claim for payment.
  2. Reimbursement: Prescription drugs may also be paid for directly and then claimed for reimbursement on a Health Services Claim Form or online through the member website.

Dental Claims

Your dental claims may be submitted online through the member website, or you may download a PDF Dental claim form and mail it, with your receipts, to Alberta Blue Cross®.

There are three ways to arrange payment:

  1. make arrangements for "assignment" billing by signing the top right hand corner of the Dental Claim/Treatment form (right). Payments will then go directly to your dental provider, or
  2. pay your dentist for services and submit the claim to our office for reimbursement, or
  3. your dentist may have arranged to submit claims electronically.

Got a claim?

Submit it online

Direct bill for chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy and vision claims

Now your chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy and optical provider can submit your claims online. When your provider uses this option, you will no longer need to pay out of pocket for the entire claim then wait to be reimbursed for the portion covered by your benefit plan. Your provider will receive payment directly and you will only pay for the portion not covered by your plan.

Find a provider who offers direct billing

Note: The majority of claims can be processed online in your provider’s office, but if your claim cannot, please pay for your services and then use a Health Services Claim form to arrange for reimbursement. Speak to your provider for detailed claiming procedures.

Claiming deadlines

Claims must be received by Alberta Blue Cross® within twelve (12) months of the date services were rendered to the Participant.