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Wellness screening

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Wellness screening for organizations

Support your employees' wellbeing

Wellness screenings are an opportunity for your employees to learn valuable information about their health and show them you care.

Wellness screenings provide lasting value

Reduce health-related costs and improve employee performance

According to the 2020 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, empowering employees and demonstrating you care about their health can result in increased engagement, performance and productivity. By identifying risks early and supporting your employees' wellbeing, you may see a reduction in health-related costs due to decreased absenteeism, treatment and potential short- and long-term disability.

Build a wellness strategy

We gather and analyze the data. We'll provide you with an anonymized report with valuable insights and key recommendations.

With this information, you can

  • use it to improve your wellness initiatives, policies and programs;
  • monitor health status changes in your organization;
  • implement targeted interventions that are responsive and unique to your employees' health and wellness needs.

Ready to host a wellness screening event?

Please contact your Alberta Blue Cross® group sales representative to learn more about hosting a screening at your organization.


To help you plan an event, we will

  • meet with you to determine your needs, including
    • following public health orders and guidelines; and
    • best practices and processes to provide a safe environment.
  • provide communication materials and email templates that will help you promote your event.


On the day of the event, we will

  • arrive at your event with everything needed; and
  • connect with your on-site contact to get set up


To learn more about the results, we will

  • present you with an anonymized report providing a snapshot of the health of your organization, highlighting what is going well and recommending areas for improvement; and
  • provide customized recommendations and suggestions for your wellness strategy

Frequently asked questions

As your partner in wellness, we can help. We recognize that starting a workplace wellness strategy or program can be difficult, with limited support available to guide organizations through the process.

A wellness screening can help you learn about your employees' health status and give you detailed insights to help you identify priorities. We can help build your wellness program through tailored recommendations responsive to the health trends of your workforce and our wellness support continues after the event.

We do all the planning and implementing. Our service will ensure your employees are supported well beyond the event. This means we will

  • have the Blue Crew available throughout the entire event to answer questions about health benefits and connect participants to available tools and resources relevant to their health results and priorities;
  • promote our Balance® online wellness platform to participants—by entering their results, they will receive a customized experience to help them set priorities to reach their personal goals and track their steps to enhance their wellbeing, while being rewarded with points for chances to win great prizes; and
  • deliver an insightful anonymized report that provides your organization with tailored recommendations responsive to your employees' health needs and acts as a road map to help you develop or improve your wellness strategy.

Some commitment and resources are required from you. We provide you with an introductory presentation where we discuss your event needs, such as location, space and how to make the event work in your environment. We also provide communication and marketing materials, an informational website and an online registration portal. We bring our own trained team on-site to run the event. All we need from you is a designated internal contact to assist our coordinator in planning and accessing the event location and act as the point person for any questions, as well promotion of the event to your employees using our provided marketing materials.

At Alberta Blue Cross®, we take privacy very seriously. Our wellness screening events require separate spaces or stations positioned with sufficient distance from other participants to ensure personal health information is not compromised—similar to a medical clinic.

Only authorized users are permitted to collect and upload participant information onto secure and password-protected devices and secure systems. Our privacy policies are available on our website.

We'll work with your organization to follow all public health orders, guidelines and workplace policies to provide a safe wellness screening event for all.

Many organizations offer annual wellness screening events to track health changes and progress and allow more employees the opportunity to participate.

If you offer wellness screening more than once, the anonymized report findings can provide valuable insights on health changes in your employee population and better inform your wellness strategy over time.

We'll work with you to accommodate any worksite or working environment and discuss considerations. The details can be discussed during the introductory presentation and planning phases. Please contact your Alberta Blue Cross® group sales representative to learn more.

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