Alberta COVID-19 Pharmacy Immunization Program

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Online claim submission—optical

If your office isn’t already submitting claims online to Alberta Blue Cross®, get started today and join thousands of providers already taking advantage of this service. With online claims submission, you can

  • save money on fees,
  • receive guaranteed payments daily,
  • better protect your patients’ information,
  • access advanced reporting tools,
  • be listed on our website and mobile app as a direct-bill provider, and
  • help the environment.

Submitting claims online is quick, easy and secure. Results are displayed within seconds of submission—making your job simple and keeping your patients happy.

How to register

Step 1—apply for site access

Fill out the online form to request access to the secure website. Once your site access is approved, we will email you the login ID you provided us with, as well as a temporary password.

Step 2—apply for direct deposit of funds

Fill out and print the direct deposit form, check it carefully, then sign and date it. Mail or fax your completed form to

  • Alberta Blue Cross
  • Health Services Provider Relations
  • 10009-108 Street
  • Edmonton, AB T5J 3C5

Fax: 780-498-3544 (Edmonton and area)