It’s tax season—access a claims total report of your medical expenses and tax receipt for premiums paid. Learn how to access these important tax documents.


Secure services for plan members

  1. View a summary of your completed benefit claims.
  2. Find out the status of the claims you've sent in recently.
  3. Check your benefits booklet online (Note: In some cases, due to plan design, benefit booklets may not be available online.).
  4. Print the claim forms you need.
  5. And more.

Wondering about a claim? Check its status online


If you have never used the secure web site for plan members, register to access secure services for plan members. You will then be asked to agree to the web site terms of use. The next screen will ask you to enter your group number, Alberta Blue Cross® ID number and date of birth. After you've successfully submitted all the information requested you will be asked to enter the password you would like to use and a reminder question and answer that will be used to verify your identity in the future if you should forget your password. After this short registration procedure, you will have immediate access to your claims and benefits information.

Sign in

If you have previously entered the secure plan member web site, sign in, to access secure services. After successfully entering your group number, Alberta Blue Cross® identification number and password you will have online access to your claims and benefit information.

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