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The information on this page, and in the printable guide, is designed to assist you in understanding your Alberta Blue Cross life®, disability, health and/or dental statement. These instructions do not change the provisions of your group benefits contract. Please refer to your contract for a detailed description of benefits and an explanation of terms.

Payment information

  • Please remember Alberta Blue Cross® requires payment on a pre-paid basis.
  • Payment of the total amount due must be made by the due date indicated on the last page of the statement.
  • The perforated portion of Section 1 of your monthly Statement of Account must be completed and forwarded to Alberta Blue Cross® along with your payment. Please make the cheque or money order payable to Alberta Blue Cross®.
  • Any adjustments (additions, terminations, and/or changes) will be processed when Alberta Blue Cross® receives the completed change form from you. These adjustments will appear on the next Statement of Account.

For more information or assistance with your payment, contact the nearest Alberta Blue Cross® office.

You can also refer to the Alberta Blue Cross® Group Administration Guides for Health and dental and Health, dental, life and disability, also available from any Alberta Blue Cross® office.

Part 1: Overview

Part 1 contains the account details for your group benefits plan. It displays any outstanding balances, provides details pertaining to new charges and lists the total amount due for the current coverage period. The information in part 1 is created from the enrollment data we have as of the statement date.

More information about reading Part 1 of your Statement of Account.

Part 2: Billing/benefit summary

Part 2 summarizes and breaks down your new charges for the current coverage period. The billing summary portion lists the current charges for your account, including the member rate for the coverage period (the total of all rates for members enrolled in your group benefits plan). This portion also displays a summary of adjustments done to your spending accounts, if applicable.

The benefit summary portion breaks down each benefit type’s charges. It displays the total member rate for each benefit type (which is the sum of the rates for all members enrolled in each type of benefit). It also lists the volume of coverage (amount of coverage) for each type of life and disability benefit. This portion also displays the number of members enrolled in each type of benefit.

More information about reading Part 2 of your Statement of Account.

Part 3: Adjustments

Part 3 of your statement provides you with a listing of adjustments that were processed during the coverage period, including the names of members whose coverage is being adjusted, the amount and date of the adjustment and the type of adjustment being made. Adjustments to your account are reflected in the total current charge.

There are many reasons your rate could be adjusted, including adding new members, benefit changes, member deletions, participant coverage changes, rate changes, salary changes, waiver changes, and non-evidence limit changes. The statement below shows examples of various adjustment types, including the addition of a new member to the group plan.

Note: New member rates are included in your adjustment total only if they are retroactive to the coverage period.

More information about reading Part 3 of your Statement of Account.

Part 4: Current members

Part 4 displays details pertaining to the charges for each member in your group benefits plan. It lists the current rate for each member, and breaks it down by their rates for each type of benefit, so you have an understanding of how your current charges were calculated. This part also displays the volume of coverage each member has under each life/disability benefit type.

More information about reading Part 4 of your Statement of Account.