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Frequently asked questions

Change in eligibility

Change in eligibility

Report any of the following changes in an employee’s status:

  • Employee terminations
  • Marriage or common-law relationships*
  • Legal separation or divorce*
  • Section changes
  • Benefit status changes
  • Waiving coverage
  • Employee address change, name and/or employee number changes
  • Reinstatements
  • Adding or deleting dependents*

*Remember to complete a beneficiary form in addition to an Employee Benefit Change form, when applicable.

For groups with life and income replacement benefits:

  • Salary changes
  • Occupation changes
  • Change of beneficiary*

*Any changes to the original application form that relates to beneficiary designation or relationship must be submitted on an Alberta Blue Cross® Beneficiary Appointment/Change form (ABC 30081).

To report changes, complete an Employee Benefit Change form and submit the form to Alberta Blue Cross within 31 days of the requested effective date of change.