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Why Young adult?

Our young adult plan is designed to help you maintain and support your health and give you peace of mind with health and dental benefits that focus on prevention.

You can take care of yourself today with benefits for:

  • massage therapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • mental health,
  • dental and,
  • prescription drug coverage.

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Extended health benefits

You can choose a coverage level for some extended health benefits. This lets you build a plan that’s right for you.

The total for all extended health claims is $5,000 (excluding Accidental Death and Dismemberment, travel insurance and Term Life Insurance).

Core benefits

These benefits come with set coverage amounts.



Ambulance services (ground and air)


Massage therapist (per visit)


Physiotherapist (per visit)


Chiropractor (per visit)


Hospital coverage


Hospital cash (per day/per year)

$20 / $400

Preferred hospital accommodations (per year; semi-private or private rooms)




Overall maximum (every 24 months from date of service)


Eye exam maximum (included in overall maximum)




Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)**


Term life,** terminates at age 55*




Balance®—online program that promotes wellness and helps you live a healthier lifestyle.

Virtual care—telemedicine program that offers 24/7 access to physical and mental healthcare professionals.

Blue Advantage®—discount program for health and wellness products.

Care navigation®—lifestyle and chronic disease management through our website.

Medical device supplies


Accidental dental (per incident)


Custom braces (per two years)

70%; $750

Medical aids (per year; casts, canes, cervical collars, crutches, walkers, splints, trusses and traction kits):

$250 (surgical stockings: $200)



Maximum (per participant, per trip) terminates at age 65*

$5 million

Travel days (per trip)


Travel plan discount (additional coverage)


Stability clause (days)


* "Terminates at age" references the age when a benefit is no longer available for that specific individual.

** Underwritten by Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada.

Customizable benefits

You can customize your benefits to fit your needs. Only one level may be selected for your plan.


Psychologist/counseling (per visit/per year)

Level A - $100/$500

Level B - $100/$500

Level C - $100/$800

Level D - $100/$1200

Level E - $100/$1200

Eligible expenses for individual or family counselling for treatment of mental or emotional illness, including assessment, provided by a psychologist, master of social work, registered social worker or other health care professional approved by us in our discretion.

Chiropractor, massage, and physiotherapy Combined maximum (per year)

Level A - $100

Level B - $300

Level C - $300

Level D - $300

Level E - $600

Dental benefits


Annual Maximum (per benefit year)

Level A - $500

Level B - $1,000

Level C - $1,500

Basic and preventive care (three-month waiting period; includes checkups, cleanings, fillings, extractions and root canals)

Level A - 70%

Level B - 75%

Level C - 80%

Removable prosthodontics (dentures) (one year waiting period)

Level A - 0%

Level B - 50%

Level C - 50%

Periodontics (one year waiting period)

Level A - 0%

Level B - 50%

Level C - 80%

Extensive; includes crowns, bridges and implants (two year waiting period)

Level A - 0%

Level B - 50%

Level C - 80%

Orthodontic (two year waiting period; per lifetime)

Level A - 0%

Level B - 0%

Level C - 50%; $2,000

Prescription drug


Maximum (per year; includes diabetic supplies and Glucose Monitoring Systems (GMS), contraceptives, smoking cessation and vaccines)

Level A - $500

Level B - $1,000

Level C - $2,000

Coverage level

Level A - 70% direct bill

Level A - 70% direct bill

Level A - 70% direct bill

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