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Live your best life

At Alberta Blue Cross®, we believe we have the responsibility to impact lives for the better by creating and fostering accessible wellness for everyone.

To us, wellness provides the freedom to live your best life—whether you’re at work, at home, at play or travelling. Our commitment to you is to have a greater presence in the health and wellness of Albertans through all ages and stages of life, moving beyond benefits. Our goal is to empower individuals, workplaces and communities to live well.

Let us be part of your first steps, your small steps and your next steps towards wellness.
Live your best life with Alberta Blue Cross®.

Here are a few ways we’re taking steps to be your partner in wellness for life.

From treatment to prevention to life-long wellness

Chronic diseases are on the rise and can be largely prevented by adopting better health and wellness behaviours. As part of our work to support a sustainable health care system, we’re committed to creating innovative wellness solutions that shift thinking from treatment to prevention and drive behaviour changes that make a real difference.

Wellness isn’t about the quick fixes that deliver short-term results—it’s about sustainable, lasting practices. We’re keeping this in mind as we deliver and build-out flexible benefit plans that work for all ages and stages.

We know wellness looks different for everyone—there is no one-size-fits-all. As we work with our employees, our members and Alberta’s workplaces and communities, our goal is to create supports, programs and plans that fit.

By empowering our members and communities with proactive resources and services that support their personal wellness journeys, they have the power to live their best lives.

Through expanded digital capabilities, greater connections with our members and networks and community partnerships, we can inspire purposeful and sustained behaviour changes.

We’re evolving our benefits to help our members live better.

Helping you track your habits

Our online wellness program, Balance®, gives you a personalized experience and tools to track your progress. By assessing your health risks and concerns, Balance® prioritizes your needs and provides evidence-based approaches to help you reach your personal goals and track the steps you take to achieve them. Balance® offers comprehensive and holistic wellness resources for mental, physical and financial wellness. All our benefits plans have access to this platform and we’re excited to see the difference it’s making already.

Benefit plans for you

Whether you’re retired, self-employed, working part-time, in school, on a government plan or work benefits, or in any other stage of life, we have a benefit plan to help you care for your health. We’re constantly listening to, and learning from, our members to make more flexible options that can support not only prescription and treatment maintenance, but also programs, therapies and initiatives that promote life-long health and prevention.

Our flexible, employer-sponsored group benefit plans put health and wellness within reach for hundreds of thousands of Albertans, while spending accounts give benefit flexibility to our members with employer plans, our retiree plan provides exactly the coverage our members want for the retirement they’ve always envisioned and our individual plans let entrepreneurs pursue their dreams without a worrying about health care costs. All our plans include access to Balance®, which provides you with personalized health and wellness support, so you can focus on what matters most—living your best life.

Community partnerships creating sustainable wellness

Through our commitment to the communities we serve, we’re focused on making health and wellness part of everyone’s every day. We demonstrate this through our community partnerships: the AMA Youth Run Club allows us to support over 500 schools across the province to hold free running programs, while Prescription to Get Active helps reduce the barriers to fitness for Albertans facing chronic health risks by ‘prescribing’ them with complimentary access to gyms across the province.

Giving communities the freedom to find wellness on their own terms

Through our Built Together program, we help communities across the province build spaces for active living through $50,000 grants. The final projects look different for each community—some are cycling paths, while others are outdoor rinks or playground replacements—but, in each case, the community members get a chance to be healthier in their own backyard, in a way that means something to them.

Investing in research and education

We’re investing in partnerships, research and products and services to build trusted and proven resources and share that knowledge with all Albertans. We partnered with the Integrative Health Institute to determine why some employee wellness programs are more successful than others and identified four key factors for implementing wellness programs in your organization. We also partnered with CHANGE Alberta to help launch the CHANGE Health Community Program, which supports families in building lifelong skills in healthy eating, physical activity, mental wellness and social connections in their communities.

Learn more and get support

To discuss how Alberta Blue Cross® can support your wellness, please reach out to our wellness team.

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