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How to submit a claim

In the event of illness or injury

Claiming tips

Claims must be received by Alberta Blue Cross® within 12 months of the date of service.

When submitting claims to Alberta Blue Cross®, you must always include the following:

  • Diagnosis and details of services rendered.
  • Original invoice and other supporting receipts. (Invoice is a detailed list of services provided).
  • Patient's travel ID number.
  • Patient's Alberta Personal Health number.
  • Patient's Alberta Blue Cross® coverage number, if a member.
  • Details of other health or travel insurance plans the patient may have.
  • Name and phone number of patient's Canadian physician.

The covered person's Canadian physician will be contacted by Alberta Blue Cross® in order to verify eligibility.

If a hospital or medical provider does not accept confirmation of payment from the travel assistance service or Alberta Blue Cross®, the member/agreement holder or patient will be responsible for payment of any expenses incurred. To receive reimbursement for eligible expenses, the member/agreement holder or patient must obtain itemized receipts, or other reasonable evidence, for all services provided and all expenses paid by them.