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When two or more benefit plans work together to provide you with maximum coverage, we refer to it as "Coordination of Benefits (COB)."

How does it work?

With COB, you submit a claim to your benefits carrier first for adjudication and payment and once the claim is adjudicated, you can submit a claim for the eligible outstanding amount to your spouse's plan or your second plan. Through COB you will receive up to the maximum eligible amount for eligible prescription drug, dental and health service benefits.

How do I begin to use my COB coverage?

If your primary coverage is with Alberta Blue Cross®, fill out an Alberta Blue Cross® claim form. Indicate in the space provided that you are coordinating benefits and provide both plan Identification numbers. Photocopy your receipts, attach the original receipt to the claim form, keep one copy for your records and another for the secondary plan carrier. Your original receipt(s) will not be returned. When you receive a claim statement from us, fill out a claim form for your secondary plan carrier and submit it with the Alberta Blue Cross® claim statement and photocopies of your receipts. If both of your plans are with Alberta Blue Cross® you will only need to submit one claim form indicating both coverage numbers, and we'll do the rest. Contact us for more information or if your spousal situation or coverage changes.

For details, please refer to the Coordination of Benefits brochure on this web site. It includes information about determining which plan pays first, how to submit a COB claim and describes some common situations participants may encounter with direct bill plans. View the brochure.

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