Spring 2023

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Discover the Young Adult plan

We recently launched our Young Adult plan, designed to provide young Albertans between 18 and 29 years old with the coverage they need such as increased mental health support, dental coverage and more—so they can go through new life experiences worry-free. Read about the Young Adult plan’s offerings and hear from Alberta Blue Cross’s vice-president of Individual Products, Nirmal Singh, about the importance of the plan through a personal story.

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What will you build?

Applications are now open for the Built Together grant program. This program helps Albertans build spaces that foster active living in communities across the province. Whether it be outdoor gyms, cycling paths, playgrounds, skate parks, sports courts or outdoor rinks, the program is intended to support Albertans to live their best lives. Each year, five $50,000 grants are awarded for projects in one of each of the following areas: Edmonton, Calgary, a secondary city, rural community and an Indigenous community. Funding for this program is provided through the ABC Benefits Corporation Foundation. Community leagues, school councils, municipalities or other non-profit community groups or organizations can apply for the grant today.

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Balance®—ask the experts

Balance® now has an embedded library of videos from Canadian wellness experts providing members with practical advice on topics in nutrition and physical, financial and mental wellbeing. There are already over 50 videos to watch and new videos will be uploaded every quarter. Earn Balance® points for watching, rating or submitting 1 question or topic suggestion for consideration each month. To access Balance, sign into our member site or app and select ‘Benefits,’ then ‘Balance®’ from the main menu.

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Healthy food prescription incentive study

As part of our commitment to supporting the wellness of Albertans, we partnered with the University of Calgary to investigate if healthy food subsidies for food-insecure Albertans living with Type 2 diabetes can help them better manage their condition. This research study will be conducted by the University of Calgary and is funded by Alberta Health Services, Alberta Innovates and Alberta Blue Cross®. If you’re between the ages of 18 to 85, are living with Type 2 diabetes and have trouble affording food, you may be eligible to participate.

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Retirement benefits: what you should know

"Why would I need coverage beyond what the provincial government provides? Do you offer extended benefit coverage?" You asked, we answered. Check out the answers to the top 5 questions we get asked about retirement benefits including the difference between government-sponsored plans and personal coverage.

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Travel insurance packages that suit your needs

Travel insurance is an integral part of any trip. But choosing the right plan and add-ons to create coverage that’s perfectly designed for you is easier said than done. Travel insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming—and we provide recommendations to help you make decisions you can feel good about. Discover our suite of travel packages today.

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Winter 2023

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Make the most of your next travel adventure

Planning for an upcoming trip? While no one wants to think about what could go wrong, an illness, accident, lost baggage or a flight delay can happen. But when it does, Alberta Blue Cross® travel insurance is there for you with 24/7 travel assistance, emergency medical care, flight delay service and more.

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Fraud is everywhere—and seniors are most at risk

March is Fraud Prevention Month. Did you know that fraud is the number one crime against older Canadians? With recent reports of a new scam attempting to defraud seniors by promising health care payments, we are reminding seniors to be vigilant against fraud and have compiled handy tips to help older Albertans protect themselves from fraud and scams.

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Retiring? Make the decision that’s right for you with our retirement guide

Are you starting to think about retirement? There is lots to consider when planning your retirement, including health and dental benefits. Retirees should consider enrolling in a benefits plan for peace of mind and to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for drugs, vision and medical devices. Check out our guide designed to help you understand the complexity of retirement health benefits, so you can start your retirement worry-free.

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How to obtain a tax receipt for medical expenses

Using our member site or app, you can check your total amount of claims and view your receipts of paid premiums. Premiums paid and unpaid balances for health and dental benefits may be claimed as medical deductions on your income taxes, providing you meet the overall threshold for medical expenses to be claimed. In most cases, a paper receipt is not required when filing your taxes—just fill in the total on your tax form. You can check what medical expenses are eligible to claim on your tax return on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

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Reach your wellness goals with Balance®

Reach your 2023 goals with the support of Balance®, a free digital wellness solution that helps keep your physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing on track. To access Balance®, sign into our member site or app and select ‘Benefits,’ then ‘Balance’ from the main menu.

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Thinking micro can have a macro impact on your wellness goals

Many of us set new intentions for the new year but maintaining them can be challenging. In this blog, we give you practical tips to make your health and wellness journey more manageable. Learn how to use micro-habits to tackle your resolutions, starting with the small actions that can lead to big results.

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