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With tax season coming soon—find out how to obtain a Receipts of Payment and a Claims History report on our member site.

How to submit a claim online

Learn how to submit a claim online.

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Claims processed before 5 p.m. MT, will send payments to your bank account the next business day, provided there are no delays by your bank.

It's as easy as following a few simple steps.


Sign in

Sign in to the member site at members.ab.bluecross.ca. Not registered yet? Set up your member account today.



Select ‘Claims’ from the menu, then click ‘Submit a claim’.

Alberta Blue Cross member site home page.


Select the type of claim you would like from the list of benefit types.

Alberta Blue Cross member site home page.


We are choosing to walk you through a Health claim, but the steps are very similar.

For our Health claim, you'll see a pop up. If the expense or expenses you’re submitting are one of our categories, select ‘Yes’. If your expense type isn’t on the list, select ‘No’.



Select the individual the claim is for using the drop down.



Once the individual is selected, you’ll need to review that the response to the question “Does this patient have coverage through any other external benefit carrier?” is correct. If you have coverage with another benefits provider, select ‘Yes’. If your coverage is only through Alberta Blue Cross®, including other Alberta Blue Cross® plans, select ‘No’.

If your answer is different than what’s shown, you will be prompted to answer a question or two. Our system remembers your previous selection, so you won’t have to change this every time.



You can now enter claim details by clicking ‘Click to add an expense’ in the blue box.



You’ll be asked to provide information about your expense. First, we need information about your service or product provider.

  • If this is your first time submitting a claim for this provider, click ‘Find a provider’ and follow the prompts to add the provider. This will add this provider to your drop-down list for future access.
  • If you’ve submitted expenses for this provider before, then you can select them from the drop-down list.


Once you’ve selected your provider, you’ll need to enter information in the fields below. Our fields are customized to the type of expense, so you will only have to provide the necessary information to be reimbursed. Depending on your plan set up, you may not see all the fields listed below.

  • Product or service: Select your product or service from the list of available options in the drop-down menu.
  • Claim amount: Enter the total amount you paid for the product or service. Enter numbers only without using the ‘$’ symbol.
  • Other plan paid: If you have another benefits carrier other than Alberta Blue Cross®, enter the total amount the other carrier paid for this expense. Leave this field blank if you haven’t submitted the claim to your other carrier.
  • Date of service: Enter the date you purchased the product or service by typing in the date or using the calendar option.
  • Receipt upload: If prompted to upload a receipt, click the blue box labeled ‘Click to add a file’ Please make note of the receipt upload requirements. The box will display an image for your receipt to allow you to confirm you uploaded the correct file.
  • When all the information is filled in, click ‘Add’.


The expense will be added to the list of expenses. If you have more expenses for the same individual, repeat steps 7 and 8 to a maximum of 10 expenses. Once you’ve added all your expenses, click ‘Next’.



You’re on the final step. Review that the information listed on the page to ensure it is accurate, then review and agree to the acknowledgement and consent information. When you’re ready, click ‘Submit’.

To submit or review claims on the go, download our app for iPhone and Android devices.

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Curious about your claim?

Depending on the type of claim you submitted, it may be automatically approved or pending further review.

Learn how to check the status of your claim here.

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Thinking about direct billing?

Some claims for products and services can be electronically submitted to Alberta Blue Cross® if the provider is set up for direct billing.

Locate a direct-bill provider today.

Need help?

Benefits can be confusing, we get it—let us help.

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