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Spring 2024

A young girl sitting in a dentist chair while the dentist holds a mouth mirror up to her.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) provides dental coverage to Canadians who meet specific eligibility criteria. In addition to what we sent you in November, we have some key updates to share, including who qualifies for the plan and how it impacts you as an employer.

Here's what you need to know about the CDCP
A woman is leaning against her kitchen counter while she drinks coffee, looking at her phone.

Life and Disability claim process change

Effective April 1, Alberta Blue Cross® is no longer accepting Life and Disability claims through email. Both types of claims can be submitted on our member site or through a paper form in the mail, and disability claims can also be submitted through our plan administrator website. Special access is required for the plan administrator website. If you have not done so, please email the completed plan administrator access form to groupeligibility@ab.bluecross.ca.

Download the plan administrator access form
A pharmacist is handing over a prescription to a man.

Top 10 health conditions based on drug claims for 2023

Understanding what conditions are impacting your plan members and your organization, as well as the resulting cost, is important. Alberta Blue Cross® monitors and reviews drug claim information to provide insight into the prevalence of health conditions in our populations and the associated costs that can impact plan sustainability in the future.

Check out the top 10 health conditions on our blog
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Help us tackle period poverty

In Canada, menstruation is one of the top 2 reasons why people who menstruate miss work. The inability to access period products is a contributing factor. In 2023, Alberta Blue Cross® was the first organization to support the Period Promise Pledge through the United Way Alberta Capital Region. Join us and commit to providing free menstrual products in a dignified way to employees, members, guests, clients and the public at your organization.

Make a Period Promise

Winter 2024

Kid playing in the park's swing

Meet the 2023 Built Together grant recipients

We are thrilled to announce the 5 recipients of the 2023 Built Together grant program. Each year, this program awards 5 grants of $50,000 for healthy living infrastructure projects across Alberta. Congratulations to the 2023 recipients. The 2024 Built Together program will open this spring.

View the recipients
Faces of Wellness winner holding her award and smiling to the camera

Meet our Faces of Wellness honourees

For the third year, Faces of Wellness recognizes inspiring Albertans who shared their stories of wellness for a chance to win wellness-themed prizes. We received more than 200 nominations and applications across the province. After reading amazing stories of physical, mental and social wellness, we found our grand prize recipient and 10 finalists.

View the honourees
Artificial Intelligence graphic

How our experts use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect fraud

Alberta Blue Cross®, we’re embracing AI technology to help fight fraud. With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, identify anomalies and make decisions faster, AI has the power to transform the fraud detection process. Naz Tahmasebi, manager of Analytics and Reporting, has written a white paper on the topic. We break down some of her main points on our blog.

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Dad taking care of daughter following instructions through a virtual consultation with a doctor

Supporting employees with virtual care

Accessing timely care can be a challenge. Dealing with long wait times or managing a busy schedule often leads to delayed care. Virtual care makes it easier for your employees to get the support they need. Whether you are looking to boost productivity, promote a culture of wellness or stand out as an employer of choice, virtual care can offer significant advantages for your bottom line.

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Person holding an Ozempic pen

What you need to know about Ozempic

Lately, Ozempic has been featured in the news, not only due to its impact on Type 2 diabetes but also for weight loss, which isn’t approved in Canada. Learn more about Ozempic and why it’s receiving so much media coverage, how we’re managing it and the impact on you and your plan members.

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Changes to the plan administrator website

Effective April 1, plan administrators will no longer have the ability to add or update beneficiary information for plan members on the plan administrator website. Plan members must visit our member site to review and update their beneficiaries. They can also mail a completed beneficiary designation change form to Alberta Blue Cross.

Please be aware that a new member enrolment will default to "estate" as their beneficiary until the update is made by the member directly or the form is sent to us.

How to update beneficiaries online

Fall 2023

A father hold his daughter with smile

Protect with Optional Life insurance | Alberta Blue Cross®

We know that the wellbeing of your employees matters to you. Although a comprehensive benefit plan is critical to support your workforce, have you considered adding an additional layer of protection with Group Optional Life coverage? Life is full of changes and so are the needs of your employees. By giving them more choice over their life insurance, you showcase a commitment to personalized benefits that cater to a diverse, ever-changing workforce.

Learn more about Group Optional Life on our blog
A man and two women sitting on a sofa looking at tablet with worried face.

Invest in Group Critical Illness Insurance | Alberta Blue Cross®

Life can be unpredictable and dealing with a critical illness can be extremely challenging—physically, emotionally and financially. With Group Critical Illness Insurance, employers can help reduce this burden by focusing on recovery from conditions like cancer, stroke or heart attack. Employees who are more financially secure are more likely to experience improved mental health—resulting in a healthier and happier workforce.

Read about the benefits of Group Critical Illness Insurance on our blog
A woman standing at balcony enjoying seashore view.

Travel insurance: all you need to know | Alberta Blue Cross®

Nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected if the unexpected happens when travelling, but travel insurance can be confusing. It’s important your employees understand what travel coverage they have under through group benefits plan to determine what additional add-ons they may need for their upcoming trips.

Find all you need to know about travel insurance