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These days, escalating costs and de‐listing of services can lead to significant out‐of‐pocket expenses for you and your employees.

Extended health benefits provide protection against the high cost of medical services and treatments not covered by the province's health care plan. Coverage can include preferred hospital accommodation, ambulance, accidental dental, psychology services, hearing aids, and much more.

Without coverage these services can be costly:

  • Ambulance services — $200 to $800 or more
  • Home nursing care — RN: up to $75 per hour
  • Podiatrist — up to $50 per visit
  • Chiropractor — up to $75 per visit
  • Psychologist — up to $150 per hour
  • Wheelchair — rental $50 to $200 per month, purchase $1,000 to $2,000

Pricing advantage

You and your employees benefit from agreements Alberta Blue Cross® has negotiated with providers. Our negotiated rate schedule with Alberta ambulance service providers, for example, means in most cases we are billed less than other benefit providers for the same service.

Paperless billing

Direct bill arrangements with Alberta hospitals and agreements with most ambulance operators mean your employees will not be out‐of‐pocket for these types of expenses and there are no paper claims to be tracked and managed.

Adding value

At Alberta Blue Cross® we work hard to keep your benefit plan costs under control by preventing claims abuse, fraud and improper billing practices.

We audit hospital, ambulance, dental and pharmacy claims to ensure we are being billed appropriately and in accordance with billing agreements and provincial legislation. Monthly random samplings of all claims are performed to ensure claims are being adjudicated in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

We handle all claims administration for you. And our professional, friendly customer service representatives are available to answer your employees' benefit questions, either in-person or through our convenient toll-free telephone service.

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