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Wellness Spending Accounts

Available to groups of 25 or more employees.

Alberta Blue Cross® Wellness Spending Accounts support the health of your employees on a holistic basis by providing reimbursement for the wellness‐related activities important to them. Claims paid from these accounts are considered taxable income to the employee, and claiming is straightforward.

While many employers already provide support for these types of needs in a piecemeal fashion, Wellness Spending Accounts allow employers to bundle these areas of focus into a single benefit. This gives employees more control over their wellness, while limiting employer expenditures.

Alberta Blue Cross® Wellness Spending Accounts provide an innovative means to support all aspects of your employees’ well‐being.

These accounts provide reimbursement to support your employees in the pursuit of a broad range of opportunities to maintain and enhance their wellness—including

  • fitness equipment and activities
  • professional development and education courses,
  • dependent care,
  • financial planning and health‐related programs and services.

Employers are able to select the categories of eligible expenses that meet their specific organizational objectives.

This gives employees more choice and control over their wellness, while limiting employer expenditures in support of wellness to a predefined maximum annual cost—thereby delivering cost certainty.

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