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Our focus is plan flexibility, sensible cost management and responsive service and that makes us the choice of thousands of employers when it comes to dental coverage. Choose from a wide range of options to suit your plan's requirements.

Our turnaround time for claims processing is second‐to‐none. Eighty‐nine percent of Alberta Blue Cross® dental claims are processed within three days of receipt.

Basic dental coverage is available in many percentage levels and includes:

  • diagnostic services such as examinations, consultations and x‐rays
  • preventative services including polishing, scaling and root planing, topical fluoride treatments and sealants
  • restorative services including fillings and prefabricated or stainless steel crowns
  • surgical procedures such as exams, extractions and sutures
  • endodontics including exams and root canal therapy, and other dental pain relief services
  • denture services, including repairs to existing dentures and tissue reconditioning.

Other dental benefits can be added to your coverage as well, including periodontics, extensive services (crowns and bridges) and orthodontics

Cost management

We provide more options for payment than any other carrier. In addition to variable maximums and procedure frequencies, we provide cost-saving options such as:

Quality services

Our specialized customer service professionals are ready and able to answer your employees' benefit questions. Dedicated phone lines give your plan administrator access to benefits experts for plan administration inquiries.

Electronic claims submission

Today the majority of dental claims are submitted electronically to Alberta Blue Cross® from dental offices—in essence providing direct billing for dental claims.

This means greater convenience for your plan members as they do not have to pay the entire cost up front or be faced with an unexpected expense.

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