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Supporting employees with virtual care

Accessing timely care can be a challenge. Dealing with long wait times or managing a busy schedule often leads to delayed care.

Virtual care makes it easier for your employees to get the support they need. Whether you are looking to boost productivity, promote a culture of wellness or stand out as an employer of choice, virtual care can offer significant advantages for your bottom line.

Accessible and convenient service

Alberta Blue Cross® has partnered with TELUS Health Virtual Care to deliver a health and wellness service that’s ready to help anytime, anywhere in Canada.

Virtual care provides employees and their dependents with compassionate care through a smartphone, tablet or computer, using encrypted text and video.

Virtual care coverage highlights

  • Delivered by licensed Canadian health care professionals.
  • Available on-demand or by appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Receive service in English or French.
  • Register for TELUS Health Virtual Care by visiting the website or downloading the app.

Benefits for employees

  • Get medical advice, diagnoses, mental health support, referrals, lab work, prescription refills and more.
  • Receive care from the comfort and security of home or on the go anywhere in Canada.
  • In-house specialists, which include dermatologists, psychiatrists and pharmacists, support health care professionals in developing a diagnosis or treatment plan.
  • Access to nutrition counselling, pediatric counselling, lactation counselling and chronic disease coaching.
  • Spend less time spent waiting in clinics and emergency rooms.
  • Secure and confidential—personal health data is not shared with employers or Alberta Blue Cross®.

Benefits for businesses

  • Reduced time away from work for appointments and sick time.
  • Support employees’ needs and preferences with competitive and modern benefits.
  • Demonstrate wellness as a priority.
  • Receive onboarding support to help make implementation simple and successful.

More information

To learn more about pricing and onboarding, contact your Alberta Blue Cross® representative.

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