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Out of Canada Emergency Medical Coverage

The expanding global economy offers a world of opportunity to businesses. However, business people represent a lg-grid portion of the one million plus travellers who become sick or injured every year. Facing a medical emergency abroad can be frightening, complicated and expensive. Rapid coordination of medical care can make all the difference.

We offer 24‐hour worldwide emergency medical coverage for companies with employees outside Canada.

This emergency coverage includes transportation and evacuation, as well as help locating the nearest and most appropriate medical care. The service draws on a network of over 30,000 international preferred providers and can make immediate referrals to local interpreters and arrange immediate translations.

Your employees travelling outside the country will be covered for emergency services such as:

  • transportation
  • evacuation
  • help locating medical care
  • coordination of blood and vaccine transfers worldwide
  • translation service arrangements
  • coverage verification
  • payment coordination
  • establishing contact with family, personal physicians and employers
  • monitoring progress
  • legal referrals
  • and more…

Adding Value

Our worldwide emergency medical travel assistance eases entrance and admission into a foreign hospital or medical clinic, verifies coverage, then coordinates payment. It will help the patient access regional medical advisors who will consult with the treating doctors and assess care and treatment. It will also establish contact with family, personal physicians and employers and continuously monitor progress during treatment and recovery.

If there are legal issues, this service will even make legal referrals, coordinate bail bonds and other legal instruments. It can also help unaccompanied travel companions return home, can return stranded motor vehicles and related personal items, transfer emergency funds and help replace lost or stolen travel documents and passports.

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