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Basic Lifelink® and Enhanced Critical Illness

Most of us know someone who has suffered from a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, we also know of many who have survived.

A life‐changing experience

Although individuals may survive critical illnesses and continue to live productive and rewarding lives, the experience presents physical, emotional and financial challenges that often persist beyond the point of physical recovery.

In addition to ongoing everyday living expenses and financial commitments, new or unexpected out‐of‐pocket expenses usually occur as a result of a critical illness.

Your employees could face costs for any of the following:

  • experimental drugs,
  • out-of-province treatment,
  • alternative treatment,
  • nursing or home care.

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Restore financial security

Basic LifeLink® and Enhanced Critical Illness benefits help restore financial security for your employees. If they, or their spouse or child, suffer a covered critical illness and meet the survival period requirement, they could receive a lump sum benefit. This payment can be used in any way. There is no restriction on how the money is spent.

For example, the employee could choose to use the money to

  • pay for the costs of bringing home friends or family members in their time of need,
  • pay off outstanding debts, or
  • help with home renovations required to accommodate new physical limitations.

The benefits

Basic LifeLink® and Enhanced Critical Illness benefits complement an existing benefit plan because they do what life and disability insurance can't—protect against the financial impact of unexpected events and puts cash in hand for the extra expenses associated with a critical illness.