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Optional Protection: Pandemic

Broaden your cancellation coverage

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how quickly your travel plans can change. Avoid the disruptions by adding Optional Protection: Pandemic to your Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage.

Optional Protection: Pandemic reimburses you for certain expenses when you cancel or interrupt your trip due to a pandemic.

Add-on highlights

Optional Protection: Pandemic includes: 

  • coverage if you need to stay at your destination, or cancel or postpone your trip due to a diagnosis, positive screening test or contact tracing
  • up to $250 per day per traveller for accommodation, meals and transportation, to a total maximum of $2,500
  • up to $500 per traveller for changing the date or replacing the original ticket

Coverage will vary depending on whether a Canadian government travel advisory about a pandemic is issued on the date your coverage takes effect.


Travellers must buy Optional Protection: Pandemic at the same time as when they purchase Trip Cancellation or Interruption coverage. The purchase must also be:

  • within 5 days of the first non-refundable prepayment of travel arrangements, or
  • completed 45 days or more prior to the trip

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