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Travel insurance eligibility

Who is eligible for travel insurance?

Every traveller deserves a safe trip and help when they need it. That’s why Alberta Blue Cross® travel insurance is available to most Albertans.

To buy travel insurance, you need to meet the following conditions.

Eligibility conditions for Albertans

Residency status

You must be living in Alberta.

Provincial health coverage

You must have Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage for the duration of your trip.

Age minimum

You must be over 30 days old on the departure date of your trip.

Stability clause

Your pre-existing medical conditions must be stable for a certain length of time before their departure date.

Eligibility conditions for Albertans over 55

Travellers over the age of 55 cannot have any of the following scenarios apply to them.

If any of these scenarios apply, you cannot buy Alberta Blue Cross® travel insurance.

  • A doctor has told you not to travel.
  • You have a medical condition in a terminal stage.
  • You have kidney failure and are receiving treatment with dialysis.
  • You have been diagnosed or treated for metastatic cancer in the past 5 years.
  • You have been prescribed or treated with home oxygen in the last 12 months.

Stability clause

Most travel insurance plans include a stability clause. This is a rule that describes how long a pre-existing medical condition must be stable for before your departure date.

Stability period for travellers

Emergency Medical Care includes a stability clause. The length of time depends on whether you have coverage through an Alberta Blue Cross® personal plan or a standalone travel plan.

  • 90 days: for travellers with coverage through a personal plan
  • 3 or 6 months: for travellers with coverage through a standalone travel plan, depending on age

If you plan to travel before you reach the stability period, any claims relating to your medical condition will not be paid.

What does stable mean?

Stable means you experienced no changes to your medical condition. You are considered stable if you have not:

  • increased or decreased your medication
  • received a new prescription for medication
  • stopped taking medication
  • been hospitalized
  • taken new tests
  • experienced a medical procedure or intervention
  • experienced new symptoms
  • received a new diagnosis for a medical condition

What’s a medical condition?

A medical condition means you showed signs or symptoms of an illness and went to see a medical doctor. It does not matter if you were diagnosed, being treated or if it’s a recurring condition.

Review your travel policy for more information

When you buy a travel insurance plan, always review your travel policy to confirm your coverage before you leave. This gives you a chance to understand what your policy includes and reach out to our travel team if you have questions.

Get a quote

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