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Prepare for your trip

Whether you’re a first-time traveller or haven't travelled in awhile, you might be feeling excited and nervous about embarking on a trip.

You might also have a lot of questions about travel requirements, what documents are needed and what to do leading up to your departure date. There's a lot to consider, but our pre-travel checklist can help you arrive prepared.

Print the travel planning checklist

Manage your essential documents

If your passport has expired, visit the Government of Canada website to learn how to renew your passport.

You have travel coverage—and that’s great! But make sure you read the details outlined in your agreement. Understand what you are covered for and what number to call if you need help.

You may need to secure a visa to enter a country or if you stay for a longer period of time.

Some destinations may require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

This could include your itinerary, passport, visa, hotel or car rental confirmation, and health documents.

Stay informed

Visit the Government of Canada’s website to find out if there are any potential risks at destinations that could affect your health and safety.

Some places may have issued travel requirements that could affect your trip.

Make sure you know what you are allowed to bring on a plane and what procedures are in place when you arrive at the airport.

Prepare at home

You can buy travel insurance right up until you leave, as long as you haven’t left your home province yet. Learn more about Emergency Medical Care, Trip Cancellation or Interruption and Top-Up Insurance.

Most travel plans come with a phone number you can call if you need help. When you buy a travel plan with Alberta Blue Cross®, our Blue Cross Travel Assistance is available year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit your airline’s website to make sure the size and weight of your carry on and checked baggage are allowed.

In case there are delays or cancellations. You can do this by visiting your airline or airport website, and entering your flight details.

You can usually check in 24 hours before you fly through your airline’s website. This lets you skip the line to check in at the airport.

Arrive at the airport

Leave plenty of time to navigate the airport, security and customs. For recommended arrival times, check your airline’s website.

To speed up the process, have your documents ready to present.

Up to 1 hour before you depart. Flight Delay Service provides access to an airport lounge or hotel room if your flight is delayed. Enjoy this service at no extra cost when you buy Emergency Medical Care, or Trip Cancellation or Interruption.

Get a quote

Finding the right coverage you need for your trip starts with a quote. Get started online or give our travel team a call. We are here to help you.